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From Rock Bottom to Rock Star!

Pharaoh said, "Could we find another like him - a man in whom is the spirit of G-d?" (Bereishis/Genesis 41:38)

obormottel Friday, 15 December 2017

Then Pharaoh said to Yoseph, "See! I have placed you in charge of all the land of Egypt. And Pharaoh removed his ring from his hand and put it on Yoseph's hand.

As we continue the story of the sons of Yakov and the brothers of Yosef, we learn in this Parsha how Yosef went from Rock Bottom to Rock Star.

LET'S TAKE A VERY REVEALING LOOK at the similarity and remarkable contrast between the text in last week's Parsha Vayeishev and this week's Parsha Miketz:

As we know, in Parsha Yayeishev, Yosef was HATED by his brothers for many reasons - their father Yakov showed favoritism towards Yosef; Yosef would bring evil reports about his brothers to his father; Yosef shared his "dreams" that belittled and threatened the brothers; and more.

Now let's DO AN AMAZING comparison between the verses in Parsha Yayeishev vs in Parsha Mikeitz:

In Parsha Yayeishev (37:3):

"And his father Yakov made him a FINE WOOLEN TUNIC"

In Parsha Mikeitz (41:42):

"Pharaoh then had him dressed in garments of FINE LINEN"

In Parsha Yayeishev(37:8):

"And they hated him even more - because of his DREAMS."

In Parsha Mikeitz (41:12):

"There was a Hebrew youth, he interpreted our DREAMS. And it was that just as he interpreted for us - so did it happen!"

In Parsha Yayeishev (37:20):

"Look the dreamer is coming, let us throw him into the PIT" - הבור ׂ

In Parsha Mikeitz (41:14):

"So Pharaoh summoned Yoseph and they rushed him from the DUNGEON" - הבור

In Parsha Yayeishev (37:10):


In Parsha Mikeitz (42:6):

"Yosef brothers came and THEY BOWED DOWN TO HIM, FACES TO THE GROUND!"

Let’s consider what the Parsha can teach those seeking Sobriety...

Upon careful study of the verses above, it is obvious that there is a profound "coincidence" from the verses in Vayeishev about Yosef's FALL TO ROCK BOTTOM to the Pit versus the verses in Mikeitz about Yosef's RISE TO BEING A ROCK STAR among those who saw his Vital Spiritual Talents!

SO TOO WITH YOU OR ANY ADDICT who has hit rock bottom - his pain, his shame, his hopelessness - can leave him forever STUCK IN HIS OWN PIT!

So what can we learn from Yosef? How did he rise out of his pit to become a Ruler?

Our Sages teach us that Yosef had complete Emunah - Faith and Trust - in his Higher Power, that G-d would rescue him from such a low point and bring him to a place where he could serve Hashem and His People. Yosef knew without a doubt that there was a DIVINE PLAN for him and that he had a greater DESTINY IN LIFE.

But let us also learn the most profound lesson of all - that not only must we BELIEVE that a Power Greater than ourselves can restore us to Sanity (Step 2) and Turn our Will and our Lives over to the care of G-d (Step 3) - but also, like Yosef, we must - we must BELIEVE IN OURSELVES!

NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS IN G-D'S WORLD BY MISTAKE! (BB pg 417) G-d did not create us to live a Rock Bottom Life! We were created to face whatever comes our way with total ACCEPTANCE - to recognize that no one, no experience and nothing can take away our G-d-given and unique talents. We can to turn to Program and Fellowship and find Serenity and Sobriety and be of Service.

We witness a similar struggle to Yosef on page 26 of the Big Book in Their is a Solution: "He, the addict, wished above all things to regain control. In the doctor's judgment, he was utterly hopeless!"

And then on page 27, the Big Book continues:"He said to the doctor, 'Is there no exception?' 'Yes,' replied the Doctor, 'once in a while, addicts have had what is called VITAL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES. They appear to be in the nature of HUGE EMOTIONAL DISPLACEMENTS AND REARRANGEMENTS. IDEAS, EMOTIONS, AND ATTITUDES which were once the guiding forces of the lives of these men are suddenly cast to one side and a completely NEW SET OF CONCEPTIONS AND MOTIVES BEGIN TO DOMINATE THEM!"


Let us all use this incredible story and its message to learn as the Maccabees knew that there were no enemies that could defeat them. As we say in the Chanukah insertion in our Amidah: "YOU delivered the mighty into the hands of the weak, many into the hands of the few, and impure people into the hands of the pure..." And by doing so we will take ourselves out of the PIT of our disease and see the Light and the Miracles of Kislev!"

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Chanukah!