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Powerless is Anti-Torah!

obormottel Sunday, 14 January 2018
Powerless is Anti-Torah!

Someone wrote:

The 12-Steps speak about how we are powerless. This seems to me to be ANT-TORAH!! It may SEEM like we're powerless, and it may be EXTREMELY difficult (like it is for me) but powerless?? The very first mussar shmooze in the Torah was given by the MASTER HIMSELF to Kayin. Hashem said to him in a few short words - Kayin, you can do it if you WANT TO - I'm not saying it's easy, BUT YOU CAN DO IT. You CAN overcome this.

GYE Responds:

You are asking a good question, but it's based on a common misconception about the concept of Powerless.

Powerless doesn't mean you can't do anything about it. Powerless simply means that you can't change the fact you are an addict, in the same way that someone with diabetes can't change that fact either.

Does this mean a person with diabetes is doomed to die? No! But instead of fighting diabetes, he needs to learn what WORKS for a diabetic!

So again to sum up: Powerless is referring to the disease and not to the person's ability to help themselves.

Hope this helps...