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He is doing for me what I can't do

obormottel Thursday, 07 December 2017

I just said Mizmor Shir chanukas habayis l'Dovid in davening, which I love saying cuz He really did "switch (hofachto) my mourning into a dance for (lee) me." And I wanted to share that this has nothing to do with religion or sinning or Teshuvah for me - and that is very important. Even though He didn't remove my allergy to lust, He certainly has been saving me from my disease of compulsion (and some of the sick thinking), so far. And that's secular and will always remain secular, no matter how frum I ever become. The fact that my personal drug happens to include a sin is as irrelevant to me as I believe it is to Him. Of course, it's a sin for anyone - even an addict -to do those things, but I cannot believe that that's why He saved/saves me from them. And He saves plenty of Christians Muslims and atheists from all sorts of addictions, as well - just as we all know He saves plenty of people of all faiths from many diseases and terrible things each and every day.

Who else does?

So, thanks for letting me share this. The distinction is lost on so many and confuses so many good folks, stalling their recovery and miring them in their same old hashkafic quicksand.

Being able to sincerely say this Tehillim and to thank my G-d for His help in our many health/money/emotional issues without confusing them with issur/heter/piety, is as natural for the non-addict as it is for us. For day-in and day-out, G-d demonstrates His Will in our lives far more often in divrei r'shus (secular/worldly matters) than He does in divrei mitzvoh. Just do the math. Gratitude isn't for religious matters alone.