Supreme Court, 4th of July, and Home Protection
  Breaking Free Chizuk #1281  
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Editor’s Note: The 17th of Tamuz and July 4th
Text: Letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe about SSA
Prevention: Home Protection
Chizuk: Desire vs. Happiness
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Editor’s Note
The 17th of Tamuz and July 4th

This year, July 4th fell out on the 17th of Tamuz. The Zohar (in Chelek Beis, pg 78b) writes that Yakov Avinu took the months of Nissan and Iyar for himself (hence Yetziyas Mitzrayim, Kabbalas Hatorah), and Eisav took the months of Tammuz and Av for himself (and hence, the 17th of Tammuz and Tisha Be'av), but only the first 9 days of Av belong to him. The month of Tammuz belongs to Esav. Yaakov Avinu davened for Hashem to save him from "the hand of my brother, the hand of Esav". Esav's power over Yaakov stems either from "the hand of Esav" - when he tries to destroy us by force, or from the "hand of my brother" when he tries to influence Yaakov to do whatever he pleases and enjoy the pleasures of this world. On July 4th, Esav celebrates the holiday of "Freedom"; the same freedom that allows for the complete lack of restrictions in today's society.

The Beis Ahron of Karlin at the end of Parshas Pinchas brings a Medrash that says that the months of Tammuz, Av and Elul have no Regalim in them. That is why Hashem gave us three Regalim in the month of Tishrei, as if to "pay us back". The Beis Ahron writes that the 3 weeks are a very high time. These 3 weeks symbolize the 3 upper worlds (Ga"r or Gimmle Rishonos; Keser, chachma and Bina), and according to Kabbala, these three worlds are above time and space. That is why, says the Beis Ahron, the 3 weeks are a time when Hashem is so "hidden". Not because it is a "dark" time, but rather because the world cannot be "Sovel" (tolerate) the great light of this period of the year. But when Moshiach comes, he writes, these three weeks will be revealed and they will become great Yomim Tovim. And the Beis Ahron ends by saying that that is why we usually read Parshas Pinchas during the three weeks, because Pinchas has all the Regalim in it.


May we be Zoche that the fast of Tamuz become a time of joy. May the great light of this period be revealed through our struggles for Kedusha.


For a related article about Tamuz, see Gathering the Wood for the Mizbe'ach

Letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe about SSA

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage, we bring you a letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, which adresses the issue of same-sex attraction. Written back in 1986, the letter makes mention of both cutting-edge science and deep Torah thoughts.

See the original letter here. 

"... I would like to clear up a misconception that has led some individuals into confusion and wrong conclusions. The misconception stems from the argument that since some individuals are born with this problem, it must be a "natural" thing; hence it cannot be designated as a wrong, or a sin, and there is therefore no need to do anything to change it, or at any rate, it is not a serious problem at all."


Read article
Home Protection
By Obormottel

To protect yourself from a pornographic invasion of your home, you can use 'opendns' (free of charge) at the router level in your home, and not give admin access to the laptops/computers to anyone. You can set up user logins as regular users that cannot change the network settings (DNS) by default. Then, on 'opendns' you can select what kind of filters you want. This way you will filter out everything that "comes into your home" at the router level no matter what device(s) your house members use to connect.

The OpenDNS site is:

It basically prevents accidental viewing of inappropriate material (you can select the categories that you deem inappropriate). It is not what they commonly call "filter," there is nothing to install, it's a configuration setting. It also helps somewhat against viruses, phishing, etc. You can also install additional filters, if you wish.

Please note: if you live in proximity to other open networks (as in an apartment) then the tablets/phones etc. can connect to a neighbor's open network.


We realized that this article didn't appear in the previous issue except for its title. We're correcting this mishap below:

Desire vs. Happiness
By the.guard

There is a huge difference between "fulfilling desires" and "happiness". Fulfilling desires is like scratching an "itch". It may feel like we need to. It may feel good while we do it, but scratching just makes the itch worse - and it brings no happiness whatsoever.

Only being of service to others brings happiness. This has been scientifically proven. The happiest people are those who don't live for themselves. And when we say "no" to our desires, we are actually being of service. As Chazal say, "If someone sits and doesn't do an aveirah, it is as if they did a Mitzva". By saying "no", we are being of service to ourselves - to our neshamos, to our (future) spouses, to our (future) kids, and most of all, to Hashem.

Free Hard Copy of GYE Handbook
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