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Q & A
Why run to goyim when you can run to Hashem?
By GYE Member

"Workingmyprogram" asks:

The klippa has us so confused - he makes us think we need to run to churches and goyim for help. We have the power of tefilla which is the strongest eitzah of all! Cry out to Hashem with genuine tears, and you will feel His closeness! Why all the running for 'keil zor' - strange gods?

"Grateful4life" answers:

With all due respect, I completely disagree with your hanacha/theory. Of course, I think davening to Hashem is the first thing every Yid needs to do but to imply that simply "crying out to Hashem with genuine tears and feeling His closeness" is the ultimate answer and that that 's all that addicts (only addicts need a 12-step program of "running to the goyim and to churches") need to do, is to belittle the struggle and addiction for many people. It will most likely not keep you sober LONG TERM. For those that are really entrenched, there are no quick fixes in reversing this addiction/temptation/desire/struggle/bad habit (whatever you wish to call it) and rewiring its effects on us. Every one of us (especially addicts) would run to take a miracle pill - physical or spiritual - that would cure us for good (instead of "running to the goyim"); however, this pill does not exist.

GYE has started a 12 step program/fellowship of live meetings for addicts in lieu of having to go to churches and working with goyim but it hasn't yet gained traction. As far as I know, there is only one such program in the USA and a couple in EY but that's all. Let's see how that evolves, and if you want to direct your intention of "not running to the goyim and churches," then let's focus and discuss how we can roll out this pilot program into a major program. But in the meantime, we'll have to use what we have on hand that's been tried and true until now.

Translators needed

GYE is looking for someone who can translate from Hebrew to English on a professional level (for pay). Please be in touch with Thank you.

Member's Chizuk
My personal 12 Steps
By Ben B
By GYE Member

These are the 12 steps I took to get me to 90 days clean:

- I have installed an accountability software on all my devices with an accountability partner

- I am reading the GYE newsletter almost daily

- I have blocked Internet on my phone (which is an old phone).

- I have a journal that I use to write sometimes when I struggles (did not write much lately)

- I am in touch with several partners from GYE with whom I share daily my fight

- I am listening to various MP3 shiurim on the subject

- I try to get stronger spiritually (by setting a regular limud schedule)

- I am working out much more than before and this gives me a lot of good energy and good spirit

- I have started my post on the forum

- I try to eat healthier food and get better night sleep to have more energy to fight

- I am using the shvua TAPHSIC method

- I removed the private browsing feature from my browsers

Video of the Day

You think you have it hard? Perhaps we can learn something from the messiras nefesh of a simple Jew.

The Mesiras Nefesh of a Simple Jew
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