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  Breaking Free Chizuk #1744  
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Chizuk: We Have Only Today
Sayings: Have a good day unless, of course, you have made other plans.
Personal Stories: A Day in a Life of GYE Soldier
Practical Tips: I am nothing
Attitude & Perspective: Jumping Back on the Horse
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We Have Only Today

A man was visiting in Paris and went to a kosher restaurant in the Jewish Quarter, known as the Pletzel. The prices were high, but there was a sign on the wall that stated, “Today you pay, tomorrow, free of charge.” The man figured that it was a good deal, so he ate, paid and left. The next day, he also came and ate. When the waiter came with the bill, he protested. “But it says that tomorrow is free, and I was here yesterday and paid!” “Yes, the waiter said, but every day is ‘today’!”

This is how a person must conduct himself with his yetzer hara. If he can’t destroy it completely, he should keep putting it off. You want me to be idle? Sure, tomorrow. Just let me learn today. This is how a person should behave every day of his life, and he will be saved from the yetzer. Our biggest problems come when we rush to surrender to it!

Have a good day; unless, of course, you have made other plans.
Personal Stories
A Day in a Life of GYE Soldier

We have recieved several responses to this article, published in issue 1741.

Here are some of them:

"A response to N8- A day in the life of a GYE soldier.

He mentioned the Garden of Peace so I thought he might appreciate what I heard (and will paraphrase) from Rav Arush himself over Rosh Hashana.

'Hashem gets no nachas from angels. They are machines. They do what they're told. Our lust and desires are our virtues. There is no reason to be mad or depressed about it. It is exactly this struggle, the opportunity to choose Hashem over what we lust and desire that makes us special.'

He also instructed us that anyone who wants to make real progress in guarding our eyes should dedicate 30 minutes every day to personal prayer asking Hashem for help. 

Btw, the first paragraph I mentioned reminds me exactly of what Roy wrote in the White Book: 'I didn't realize that the essence of being human is to have free choice. God doesn't want to remove from me the possibility of falling; he wants me to have the freedom to choose not to fall.' (Page 20)

Shana Tova,

Metal King"

"N8 you are so inspirational! May you be blessed with much strength and courage and the ability to reach members of Klal Yisroel in need. Gmar chasimah tova!"

Practical Tips
I am nothing

Bitul (self-nullification). Learn to think "Who am I to want anything? We are not here for pleasure. I am doing the work of the king every time I say "No". What more can a Jew want in this world?

Along these lines of Bitul, R' Nachman offers a powerful suggestion. Whenever you are feeling weak and about to break, go into a room alone. Close your eyes, lie on the floor and put yourself in a place of total Bitul (self annulment). Repeat over and over again "I am nothing", "I am nothing".

Attitude & Perspective
Jumping Back on the Horse
By Will

As soon as you get a bit too cocky and think "Hey, I'm doing it!", Hashem gives you a fatherly pat on the back with a serious nisayon and says, "Chill". That's what happened to me today... I was doing great with the few errands I had to run, in a semi crowded Israeli mall, keeping my head down and looking away immediately upon inappropriateness... I was thinking, "Yetzer Hara, bow down to your king." Then, for reasons I cannot elaborate on, I was forced to go to the airport and surprise an arriving friend. Surprising at the airport means waiting at the arrival hall and watching every single person that comes out of customs. I was doing well for a while... keeping my eyes in check. But after 45 minutes of this... my eyes became a bit "loose". I looked twice at a few women. Very upsetting. I basically ate treif a few times while I was casually waiting at the airport! But sometimes, says R' Tzadok, Hashem gives a person a nisayon that he cannot handle just to see how he recovers. Does he get depressed when he falls, staying on the ground and thinking "this is impossible"? Or does he jump right back onto the horse? Baruch Hashem, He has given me the strength to continue with this struggle right where I left off.

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