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Announcements: Call for Spouses - new time!
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Announcements: SSA Conference Call at a BRAND NEW TIME!
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Call for Spouses - new time!

Miriam will be doing a call for spouses

every Wed at 2pm EST, 9pm Israel time

so that women in Israel can join as well!

More info and call-in numbers on this page:

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Daily Dose of Dov
We need to reach out from where we really are
By Dov

The Gr"a asks: If we were not "good" in eretz yisroel with a beis hamikdash and with nevi'im, then how in the world are we to ever get better out of eretz yisroel and without any neviim?! A good question, no?

His answer is that there is just no other way to get better when we screw up (my phrase), except by attaching ourselves to a higher level or deeper relationship with Hashem than we had before we went wrong. And the only way to do that is by reaching out of where we really are, spiritually. Staying in Eretz Yisrael with a Beis haMikdosh and nevi'im, would only make us think we are higher than we really are, and that we need Hashem less than we really do!

In the very same way, Adam needed to get sent out of Gan Eden - he was lower and had to reach for Hashem from there. Reality is what we need! There ain't no easy way out, as the song goes. We need to be made to face ourselves, somehow, eventually. At least, that's how I understand his answer. And that's how I understand the 1st step experience, too.

We are a mess. We are basically blind, and have puny brains - a shadow of the real Da'as that is His/Him. Lust overtakes us, as do our fears, pride, and resentments. No blame there - it's just the way it is for many of us. We rarely see farther than our own wishes and 'rights' and even the perspective of another human usually eludes us, let alone that of the Divine. We rarely even care, really... that's what it means to be the average human being. Nu. And He loves us.

I think many of us (me especially) need hachno'oh (a broken heart/broken ga'avoh) more than anything else, for recovery. And through sobriety and recovery with hachno'oh, our relationships with our G-d and with fellow man (and spouses) will become right-sized. Then they will actually begin to work for us. The emunah will begin to actually function the way it is meant to, and the relationships will actually grow and be fun!

SSA Conference Call at a BRAND NEW TIME!
GYE Babies
By GYE Member

I get a Mazal Tov, I had a baby boy now, and it's a miracle of GYE!

Let me tell you the story in short:

About a year and a half ago, when I first came to your site, I had 5 daughters and no sons. I met a partner on GYE with 5 boys and no girls. We became very close and began to work together through the 12-Step program. We had long talks about the guilt we both felt in our "using" shmutz, and that perhaps because of that we didn't merit having a son/daughter.

Anyway, as we started on the path to recovery, I suggested to him that we both daven for each other; that he daven for me that I have a boy and I'll daven for him that he have a girl.

And lo and behold, about 3 months ago he had a girl and this week I had a boy!

Everyone is excited and they're pointing to all types of segulos we might have done, but only me, my partner (and Hashem, of course!) know what's really behind it

Yasher Koach

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