Secrets to making it to 90 days.
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Announcements: A new cycle for the SSA conference call is starting Tuesday May 17!
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Testimonials: How I reached 90 days
Chizuk: The Power of Negative Influence
Testimonials: Another 90 day victory
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A new cycle for the SSA conference call is starting Tuesday May 17!

Do you struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions? If so, consider joining the weekly SSA conference call!

On Tuesday May 17 from 10:45-11:30 am EST, a new cycle for this conference call will begin, and if you have never joined these calls before, it will be an opportune time to start!

These calls work hard at providing a balanced, clear, and understandable perspective as to what men can do to move beyond their struggle of unwanted same-sex attractions. Some of the discussions include: why we develop sexual attractions all together, how to reduce lust towards men and reach a better sense of peace and wholeness within ourselves, what type of process we can take to ultimately develop attractions for the opposite-sex, and how we can all go on this journey with respect, authenticity, and integrity within Torah and religious values.

You can find all of the call details at this link:

May we all have much hatzlacha and bracha moving forward!

Image of the Day
Once you see it, you can't unsee it.
Once you see it, you can't unsee it.
How I reached 90 days
By Lotta Hope
By GYE Member

I had been falling at least three times a week, so it was surely a struggle. I took the 90 days in steps, committing to what I thought I could manage - 10 days at a time. Clicking "still clean" gave me a small feeling of control that I relished, so regularly updating my chart helped me stay motivated.

Pinpointing what made me feel weak, and what my fears were in terms of falling, and sharing them on the forum gave me transparency and helped keep my journey real.

It was these 90 days that helped me let go of my need to act out; I hope I can do another 90.

The Power of Negative Influence
By Nati
By GYE Member

Torah tells us about "Birkas Hashem", a euphemistic term which actually refers to the exact opposite - one who curses the name of Hashem, chas veshalom. The Torah teaches that one who commits such a crime in front of witnesses is put to death. We learn how the witnesses and the dayanim place their hands on the defendant's head before he is executed, as if doing semicha. Why, indeed, do they? Semicha is something that is generally done to a korban - it would hardly seem like the appropriate action to perform on someone about to be put to death?!

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Another 90 day victory
By Exhilarated Jew
By GYE Member

I've just completed my journey of 90 days and I feel exhilarated! I've been on the chart in the past and had 3-4 falls. But 90 days ago, I knew that if I don't kick this thing NOW, I'll never get there. I'll be a slave to lust forever, chas v'shalom. One of my biggest fears was becoming old and senile, and Heaven help what'll come out of me then! So I put myself back on that chart for real. My falls would happen in bed, and one great piece of advice I got was from a fellow GYE member, who suggested that I picture myself falling asleep in Hashem's loving embrace. That really helped me a lot! Anytime I felt I was going to fall, I repeated to myself over and over: "Hashem, I'm in a scary place right now and only You can help me. Help me and don't let me fall!"

And here I am, 90 days clean, Baruch Hashem.

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