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Editor’s Note: Make this year a porn-free year for your whole family.
Torah: Addicts Need a Different Attitude to the Yomim Noraim
Announcements: Rabbi Feigenbaum on Duvid Chaim's Call
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How is This Site Different from Every Other Site?
By Anonymous

I would like to express how much "hakaras hatov" I have towards you guys for the day-to-day help with these serious problems I'm dealing with.

You are helping me in such a real way - and the entire Jewish community, as well!

3 great things about the site:

1. Specialization - it addresses the special needs of all these groups: addicts & non-addicts; English speakers, Hebrew speakers, Yiddish speakers, even French speakers; men and women; married and single; teens and older; etc., etc.

2. The level of discourse - probably based on moderators who set the tone - there is real honesty, real mutual chizuk, and real straightforwardness.

3. It works technically, bli ayin hara - I see that there is a tremendous amount of care taken to make sure the links work, the site works smoothly, there are many different features - kol hakavod!

There are other great things, too, of course.

B'hatzlacha to you and your staff on such a wonderful and helpful site. Thank you very much!

Editor’s Note
Make this year a porn-free year for your whole family.

Have you broached the subject of pornography with your kids? The earlier the better, but it’s never too late! Here’s some help to begin the conversation today:

Addicts Need a Different Attitude to the Yomim Noraim
Someone wrote to us: "I can't take the pressure of Yomim Noraim. I had a fall."
By Yaakov from GYE

Yomim Noraim is not meant to be a time of pressure. It's a time of great simcha and opportunity.

First, on Rosh Hashana, we coronate the King over us.

Then on Yom Kippur, we get forgiven for the whole year's sins, like a filthy child whose father gives him a shower once a year!

Then on Sukkos, our Father - our King rejoices with us in His warm embrace!

Perhaps us addicts need to adapt a more Chassidish approach to the Yomim Noraim.

My father

Translation: A Chassid saw a Jew walking depressed. He asked him why? Answered the Jew, "Now is Elul, soon is the judgement! And why are you happy?" he asked the Chassid. "Because my father is the Judge", answered the Chassid.

אשרי העם יודעי תרועה

This thought occurred to me on Rosh Hashana while saying the the Pasuk "לא הביט און ביעקב ולא ראה עמל בישראל ה' אלוקיו עמו ותרועת מלך בו" in Mussaf.

Translation: "He gazes not at sin in Yaakov and sees not toil in Yisrael, Hashem his G-d with with Him and the trumpeting of the King is within him".

It says in the Zohar that the Satan gets confused when he hears the shofar sounding and can't prosecute.

But what does that mean? He is a Malach! How does some noise confuse him?

When a King is coronated, there are two things are of highest importance. One, is to announce to all his subjects that he is the king! And two, is to look over the state of his people's loyalty and make decisions as to how to get them to be more loyal to him (some will have to die, some will be promoted, some punished, etc).

This is the day of Rosh Hashana, the day Hashem created the world and the day we make Him King again over us. The Jewish people were given the great honor of blowing the trumpets and announcing to all the people of the world that Hashem is the King.... At the same time, the Satan was given the job of bringing a damning "intelligence report" to the king about all the deeds that were done that year showing how disloyal people were to the King. But the two tasks don't go together very well. One symbolizes how loyal we are to the king by announcing to everyone his Kingship, and the other shows the LACK of loyalty.

So when the Satan tries to open his mouth about how disloyal the subjects have been all year round, suddenly the Jews come and blast the trumpets that announce the king's dominion. So the Satan gets very confused and can't continue! The King is smiling when he hears the trumpets - He is being made King! He can't look now at how disloyal his subjects have been, it's the opposite of what is taking place in the special coronation parade! And He will ESPECIALLY not look at how disloyal are the very ones who are actually BLOWING the trumpets!!

Perhaps that is the meaning of the pasuk: "He gazes not at sin in Yaakov and sees not toil in Yisrael, Hashem his G-d with with Him and the trumpeting of the King is within him".

Hashem can't see the bad of Yaakov - He doesn't want to listen to the Satan - when they are with Him and trumpeting his kingship to all!

May we all have a sweet year of CLOSENESS to our FATHER our KING!

Duvid Chaim Responds:

This is such an insightful and beautiful Chiddush!! So full of hope and inspiration.

One of the Satan's most effective tools with addicts, is to make us feel low about ourselves. To make us feel unworthy.

This vort is the perfect answer to those of us who wonder if we really have a fighting chance to merit another year.

With your vort, the answer is a resounding "Yes!"

May we all merit a sweet and complete year to come!

Rabbi Feigenbaum on Duvid Chaim's Call


A Very Special Aseres Yemei HaTeshuva Presentation:


By Rabbi Feigenbaum

Inspiring the Chevrah for the past four years!

Join us this coming Monday September 21st on Duvid Chaim's "Noon" (EDT) Call

Dial (209) 255-1000

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Spiritual blueprint

R' Nachman of Breslov writes "Because the organ of the Brit is associated with the sefirah of Yesod, which is the foundation of all of the sefirot (Divine illuminations), in atoning for sexual transgressions a person rectifies his entire spiritual blueprint".

The Sfat Emet writes that "Just as there is one special day in the year, Yom Kippur, to purify all of the days that have passed, so too there is one sinew of the body, the sinew of the milah, whose purification purifies all of the rest of the body."

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