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obormottel Monday, 26 June 2017

Somewhere in our past life, we may have picked up the idea that it's not all right to ask for help, that asking for help would be a sign of weakness.

Recovery calls for some basic changes in our thinking, and when we feel vulnerable is the best time to reach out and ask for help from our Higher Power, from our program, and from our friends in recovery.

It's hard for us, at first. We may be afraid of rejection, or of being laughed at for not knowing all the answers.

But once we've taken the risk and openly asked for help, we realize our fears are a part of the past, and we can leave them behind us.

In asking for help, we acknowledge that we can't do it all by ourselves.

We surrender once again to powerlessness.

And we give others the joy and satisfaction of helping us.

Today if I'm feeling I'm on a "solo-fight," help me to reach out and find support just by asking.