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How to Determine if You are a Sex Addict?

obormottel Wednesday, 15 November 2017
How to Determine if You are a Sex Addict?

Sometimes it is difficult to determine if someone is dealing with a sexual addiction. A man who views pornography a couple times a year may be acting inappropriately and hurting intimacy between him and his wife, but it doesn’t mean he is a sex addict.

A sexual addiction is diagnosed when sexual activity has a negative impact and effect on other parts of a person’s life including relationships, finances, health, safety, employment, and/or relationship with God.

The following is a brief assessment to help you get an initial read if you are indeed struggling with a sexual addiction. Check each one that applies to you.

Does your mind wander with sexual thoughts throughout the day?

Do you spend more than 4 hours a week viewing pornography or engaging in sexual chat/video rooms on the Internet?

When at work, school or social events, do you anticipate the next opportunity you will have to view pornography?

Have you had an affair(s) (emotional or physical) with someone other than your partner?

Do you find yourself engaging in lustful thoughts about women at work, school or other public places?

Do you surf the television looking for scenes that are sexually stimulating?

Do you fantasize sexually about women who are not your partner?

Do you regularly fantasize when having sex with your wife?

Have you covered up or lied to your partner about your sexual activities?

Do you engage in sex with escorts, prostitutes or visited massage parlors for sexual encounters?

Do you visit strip clubs on a regular basis?

Do you feel guilty and shameful after you have acted out inappropriately with sex?

Do you find it difficult to stop your sexual acting out?

Could your sexual activity jeopardize your relationship, health or job?

Do you believe your sexual acting out has negatively impacted your relationship with God?

Test Results: If you answer yes to 3 or more of these questions, you should consult a certified sex addiction counselor to learn more about sex addiction and help available to you.