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With Hashem, the hopeless can succeed too!

GYE Corp. Thursday, 08 December 2011

A fellow working his 1st step wrote Dov:


I already did the whole writing. It is beautiful and very sick. I now know I am a hopeless case.


Dov Responds:


This is what they really mean when they say, "Hashem is kol yochol and can help you do anything." This is what bitachon was made for. The message we used to get from "Hashem will help you fight the YH," was "I should be able to stop cuz I am a frum yid and want to stop!" Then we screamed, "so, why isn't it working?!"

The problem was that it was too early for the bitachon! That was a time for mesiras nefesh, rather than for bitachon. (Ask Haran who jumped into the fire after Avraham and got burnt, he'll tell you all about misplaced 'bitachon in' Hashem and will admit that it is really just an escape from facing the truth about ourselves... he died for it).

Now is finally your time for bitachon. And all the recovering people who have come before you testify that, "just because we are hopeless, does not mean that we cannot succeed! In fact, as long as we know and do not forget where the power really comes from, we can and will live fantastic lives!" Just see it through. We can get our sanity back.
Apparently we cannot keep it, though. We need to get it back from Him every day as a gift, dependent on our relationship with Him. People all over the place are getting His help.

Consider reading the second step and consider the possibility that "He can help me out as long as I don't put my trust in the wrong places intentionally."

We've got a problem. But there is a solution.