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Torah is the Goal, Recovery is the Door

GYE Corp. Sunday, 11 December 2011

Even some things that are technically by definition "Good" (like Torah and Teshuva) can cause problems if not used according to the Owner's manual. And in my opinion, the ultimate rule of the "Owner's manual" is: if it actually results in me finally living a sane and useful life. Hashem defined a sane and useful life in the Torah, but the Torah needs common sense to make it actually lead to sane and useful living. We need Derech Eretz before we can really have Torah.

Disclaimer: The following paragraph may not apply to recovery by RR, Psychodrama, Hypnosis, will-power, or any other recovery method. It may only be relevant to 12 steps brand, ok?):

To me, recovery (I mean 12 steps, now) ends where Torah begins. It is a prerequisite and a partner with Torah, like Derech Eretz and sanity. Just like much of Derech Eretz is found in the Torah (as in "limaid l'cho hakosuv Derech Eretz"), much of basic recovery concepts are found in the Torah. Yet neither are the same as "Torah". "Torah" refers to the goal - attaching to and accomplishing Hashem's Will. Recovery (per how I understand the 12 steps) is the door, for people who are ill and cannot just walk in (as everybody else seems to be able to). Like me.