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The Sukkah - Letting go of Control

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rabbi Pinchos Roberts brings in his book "Timeless Seasons", that the principle of hashgocho protis is what succos is all about. We remember how Hashem set up camp for us in the midbar and looked after every detail of our needs. We sit under the flimsy s'cach which represents our utter dependence on Him. Everything we do in a succah is all part of His command, His plan for us. Our eating, sleeping, talking, learning are all under His protection and His watch.

This prepares us for the whole year, to remember that everything that happens in our lives, every little thing, is part of His plan. If the guy in front of us in line at the bank is taking forever making us late for a meeting, that is all part of His plan. Succos is step 3 (of the 12-Steps), we realize that our life is planned by Hashem and we aren't in control, there is hashgocho protis, He's running the show. If we can develop this belief into a daily reality, we will be well on the way towards recovery from lust and from our controlling selves!