Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The biggest chiddush I learned on GYE was that I needed to be 'cured'

by RATM (See all authors)

For years on end I thought I was a bad Jew that needed to become a good Jew (which is true), and that if I become a good Jew then this will stop... As it turns out, no matter how much I improved my Jewishness, my lusting really never really moved in the same direction... The chiddush of GYE, to me at least, was that I can apply all the stuff that I knew existed for more extreme sex addicts in 12-Step fellowships to little old me, even though I had never acted out beyond the "virtual realm"... That chiddush was that I needed to be cured ... and that what worked for the hardcore addicts may work for me... Had I stumbled across just another site that gave "chizzuk" about Tayvah, Triggers, Tznius, the Yetzer Hara, etc... I likely would have kept on moving....

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