Wednesday, 08 February 2012

The Big-Book Study Group is Under Way!

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Duvid Chaim writes after the first call:

by Duvid Chaim, Tomim (See all authors)

Thank you everyone for joining on Board our voyage of the Big Book Study Group Lunch & Learn. (Click here for more info on this anonymous phone group, 4 times a week. Suitable for both U.S and Israel time-zones).

It was very inspiring to have 14 brave participants join this Fellowship on our first call yesterday. The questions were very profound and insightful. I can already imagine what kinds of discussions we will have once we get into the "real" material. (All we did today was cover the forwards).

Newcomers are welcome at any time, and now is a great time to start. Please join us tomorrow as we begin the reading of "The Doctor's Opinion" in the Big Book, on Roman numeral page "xxv" - (25).

(Please read about 4 pages and underline those phrases that have meaning to you or you want to discuss).

And please don't forget the latest "Take Out Menu" Exercise - The A&W Moments (Awe and Wonder). For the next 23 hours, be "on the alert" as you build your awareness of how G-d's hand was in your life today. It could be as small as realizing how blessed you are to go to the bathroom or as major as seeing how you barely missed a car that had stopped in front of you without warning. It could be the smell of a freshly bloomed rose to seeing the sun set over the ocean. (See also the "Feel the Hugs" thread on the forum, where you can post your A&W moments).

For example, I clearly remember the first time I went on a Cruise and what it was like to go to the Port before boarding the Ship. I remember getting out of the taxi and seeing the Ship up close for the first time. I remember thinking how enormous the Ship was and wondering how could something so large not sink in the water. Not only did the Ship stretch from one end of the port 5 football fields out into the canal but it was also 10 stories tall. It looked like the Empire State Building on it's side in the water!

And I was told that our Ship would carry 1,000 crewmen just to serve the passengers, enough food to eat 5 times a day, plenty of fuel and safety measures to weather any storm. All this just so I could take a week long journey throughout the Caribbean.

I was quite impressed.

That's how I feel right now as I know that I'm aboard our Journey with a group of men, just like me. We are embarking on a Journey in our own "vessel." A vessel that will be safe and comfortable. One that can take us out into the deepest waters that the world has to offer, and yet we can stay afloat - together. Yes, there may be rough waters ahead. But as long as we stay on board, we will reach our destination G-d willing.

There are many awesome moments full of wonder that come into our life which we ignore or overlook. PLEASE take time today to see or feel them.

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