Tuesday, 03 April 2012

The "Action" Committee

Miribn posted once on the forum:

by Miribn (See all authors)

My Yetzer Hara is telling me that the only reason I am abstinent is because I am busy, but I know that this is not true at all. This addiction took a hold of me no matter what was happening around me. Rather, I know that I am abstinent today because Hashem is keeping me abstinent. I work the 12 steps, I daven daily to Hashem for my abstinence, and I share on this forum. That is my part, my work. So basically, I am the "action" committee and Hashem is in the "results" committee. I need to do my part (share, 12 steps, daven) and Hashem is doing the rest.


This beautiful post from Miri conveys one of the deepest Yesodos that we all need to internalize. The "results" are not our business, they are entirely our of our hands. Our past failures were from Hashem and we should never let ourselves dwell on them, rather get up and keep doing our part. And if we are succeeding today, it is ALSO because of Hashem - not US, so we need to stay humble and continue doing our part.

At all times, we need to be the "action" committee and leave all the "worrying" about the results for Hashem to deal with.

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