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Reconnecting to Reality

Dov wrote to someone who felt that they were about to fall after having had to sit next to a triggering woman on a flight and having also seen triggering videos on the plane against their will...

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Just last week I was on the way home on a bus and had a similar experience. It was a good thing I called a few folks including an addict who I used to sponsor, my wife (who thinks she sponsors me sometimes), and just a friend out of the blue - all just to reconnect with reality. Cuz my body's reality is that the women of the world would all 'attack me' if only nobody was watching. (What a nuuuuutttt!!!!!!!!!) And there will always be a cadre of 'hotties' out there for more of my home-grown BS to grow a farm on. That kind of BS, we have all had enough of, hopefully....

But, that's my pickle. My body goes right there. I mean pek'le.....whatever.

Hang in there, brother.