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GYE Admin Wednesday, 05 October 2016

The fourth step...

involves accounting and preparation—they are interdependent, because how we account for the past is how we prepare for the future.

In our program Inventory means "searching" we examine the mistakes of the past in order not to repeat them. In particular, this means taking an honest look at what is trapping us and preventing us from truly moving forward.

Obviously, fundamental changes do not happen instantly. But self-transformation is possible, and it is possible to the extent that we want it, that we examine ourselves and identify issues that need work, and that we invest ourselves in that goal.

We can be certain that if God created life, He gave us the power to change life. If God gave us the ability to get into patterns and habits, then He must also have given us the power of the soul to get out of the habit. Just like we got in, we can get out.

Any faith in God has to include faith in hope and faith in transformation—faith that we will be forgiven for past mistakes and faith that we can change.

Ask Yourself:

Do you believe that self-transformation is truly possible? Do you want to change? Are you prepared to resolve to do so?