Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Powerlessness Doesn't Mean a White-Flag

Elya from the Hotline and Phone Conference answers someone's question:

by Elya (See all authors)

Hello Reb Elya, I have a question with the First Step, which is where I am holding in SA: I feel well armed to fight the lust battle, with:

But then the First Step tells me I am powerless. I should lie down on the floor and cry in surrender, let go and let God, give up the fight, throw down my weapons and wave a white flag. How do these two ideas fit together?

Elya Replies:

You are powerless THEREFORE you must use these methods, the 3 second rule, glasses, keep in touch with others who can guide you, filters to guard you, etc.

Powerless means you cannot do this on your own, you (we) need help from others and a Higher Power. Since you've put all of these things in place it's as if you have waved a white flag and pronounced you are powerless and ask G-d to help.

Once you're away from lustful thoughts and pictures and lust itself, it becomes easier. This is G-d helping you.


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