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Please allow me to introduce myself

Here is a short letter from Duvid Chaim to those who are interested in joining his group:

GYE Corp. Thursday, 15 March 2012


Please allow me, please to introduce myself. My name is Duvid Chaim.

For your information, the Big Book Lunch & Learn Study Group (BBL&LSG) will focus on your recovery through the most widely tested and proven recovery method to date; by "working the steps" - the 12 Steps that is. Time has shown that the fellowships that are "pure" and focused on the Steps through the Big Book Textbook have the most success.

So if you're looking for success and you're willing to make the commitment to finally transform yourself, then I promise you, you will see results.

How do I know it works? I myself am a living miracle. I'm 52 years old and spent nearly 40 years of my life completely powerless over my addiction. I had given up hope and resigned myself to just accepting myself for who I was, in spite of my acting out, my shame and my weakness.

So I'm offering a chance to see for yourself the power of the 12 Step Program.

Even if you're "not ready" to make the commitment, at least listen in to the first few sessions and see what you think. You have nothing to lose (except your powerlessness, perhaps)!

We will be starting (I"YH) Monday June 29th at Noon, East Coast Time. And we will be meeting four days a week - Monday through Thursday.

Please be prepared with an empty journal or notebook, and a pen, and a 12 Step Big Book (you can buy one at any major bookstore or order one from Amazon here). It is much preferable that you own a real copy of the Big Book, so that you can underline the sentences that speak to you the most, and take notes on the sides of the book.

Please read the "Forward to the First Edition" on Roman numeral page 13 (xiii). And underline those phrases that seem meaningful to you.