Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Over-power the Yetzer Hara

DovInIsrael has been through the 12-Steps with Duvid Chaim's phone conference more than twice already. I would like to bring a few great quotes from him on the forum:

by Dov In Israel (See all authors)

To someone who claimed that he was going to try and over-power the Yetzer Hara, 'DovInIsrael' writes:

It probably won't work.

The Y"H is just waiting for you to pick a fight with him.

Instead, try this:

When he comes knocking at your door, invite him in and show him to the waiting room.

Tell him you are in the middle of something and will be with him as soon as you can!

And then lock him in - and RUN!!

Start screaming for help and don't look back!!

(And don't bother feeling sorry for him either - I can assure you, he will be OK and be able to find his way out)


To someone who writes that the addiction is too strong and he doesn't believe he'll ever be able to reach 90 days clean, 'DovInIsrael' writes:

I understand how you feel about the addiction - I felt the same way...

But what I found was that what I could not do in 90 days, I could do in ONE day - just ninety times :-)

(And it is a lot easier after going through the 12-steps)


Lonelyid writes:

Help, I feel my entire life crumbling apart. The consequences of my addiction to my life leave me feeling paralyzed. I lost all the good G-d gave me because of my stubborn behavior, and now I feel lonely and depressed. What do I do now?

'DovInIsrael' replies:

Did you know that a seed only begins to grow once it starts to decay?

That is how the world was built - something from nothing.

Imagine if you were an acorn:

You are in the ground, and starting to decay...

You are neither a tree nor an acorn any more.

Now is the time to decide whether you want to fulfill your role - and become a big Oak tree or not.

All growth starts from a sense of decay.

Decide to GROW!!!
And you will!

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