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My life is unmanageable with lust in it

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Zohar Hakadosh talks about the orla of the lev being associated with orla (of the milah) d'chafyah bris. It explains that Avraham Avinu had a totally different depth of awareness (Da'as) of Hashem's Will after the (minimal) orlah of his milah was removed because that removes his heart's cover, in turn.

But on a more practical level - if I could get away with it, I'd still be acting out. I did not start recovery for Hashem's Honor, much as I recognize it's value... I got sober because my life was unmanageable with lust in it, period.

So, far from offering you remonstrations about using lust, my concern is whether our lives are manageable with it. If they are, then I do not know how any addict is expected to get sober and recover. Yetzer Hora, cheshboinos pro/con? What does that have to do with Lust - a gun to my head, a feather up my nose - however you choose to see it - it drives me crazy and always ruins everything! Ineed to be as free of it as possible.