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Letter to Hashem

obormottel Sunday, 15 May 2016

Dear G-d,

As I work through my fears, I realize I am thoroughly insane, tossed about by multitudes of negative character traits, trying my best to protect myself and get what I want, according to my mind's instructions.

But I only get panic and chaos. When one characteristic is satisfied, like the need for protection, due to my lack of trust I lose the connection to others.

I have no idea how to find balance and to satisfy my needs.

In turning to You I have the greatest fear of all, as I have no idea how that will help, and it seems at times that it is the craziest, worst possible thing I could do.

However, with the experience of past blessings from You and the terrible consequences of my choices, I have one honest choice and that is step 3 and its prayer.

I am eternally grateful that I have finally begun to comprehend this and found joy.

It is absolutely awesome and mind blowing.

Thank you.