Thursday, 19 January 2012

How Much D'veykus do we Really Have?

Commenting on Duvid Chaim's Phone Conference

by Steve (See all authors)

Whatever method or system we've been using on our own up till now, has obviously not worked or we wouldn't be here, dealing with lust and masturbation in our daily lives. SO WE HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT OUR OLD SYSTEM JUST DOESN'T WORK, PERIOD. We need to try something NEW. We need to be WILLING TO MAKE A CHANGE. And the change that is presented in the 12-Steps is to CONSCIOUSLY LET HASHEM INTO OUR DAILY LIVES - TO BECOME AWARE OF HIS PRESENCE AND INVOLVEMENT IN OUR LIVES.

Just by doing this alone, we have made the significant new step toward a solution THAT WORKS!

So someone asked, "We are all religious Jews on this call. What are we missing as frum Jews who daven and do mitzvos? What new awareness of Hashem could there be? Don't we already know about Him?"

Duvid Chaim's answer: Next Shemoneh Esrai, see if your mind wanders in the middle - to work, what you need to do later, etc. If it does, then that's the barometer to show one that we're only an actor on a stage - "acting the part of a religious Jew" without the real feeling, connection and d'veykus Hashem. And the REASON we can not make the connection to Him is because our EGO is blocking it. "E dge G-d O ut" is a true acronym for EGO. The more HUMBLE we become, the more we orient our lives to BE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS, and the smaller our EGOs get and the closer we can be to G-d.

Here's a proof I thought of: Who was the ONE person in history who you would say was the CLOSEST to Hashem? Moshe Rabbeinu, who spoke "Peh el Peh" with Him. Now, who was the most HUMBLE person? Same one.

And the more humble and closer to Hashem we are, the less depression and inability to cope with life we will have, and therefore the more content we will be. And with contentment, we gain our freedom from the desire to think illicit thoughts, view porn and act out. We will have a life of true happiness and joy. GUARANTEED!!

Well THAT'S what I want. I want that life of contentment. And BE"H I'm gonna get there. The steps are simple, but not easy. But I'm determined to keep working at them.

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