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He does not forget about the Good in us

GYE Corp. Thursday, 26 January 2012

If we really appreciated the preciousness of a single day sober with Hashem and His precious people, things would be different for many of us. We wouldn't let the past color the good times vomit-green. We wouldn't feel like giving up when we fell.

This perspective makes all the difference.

I first learned of this "in action" from Reb Tzvi-Meyer. And it's the way Hashem Himself operates: For example, He is at a beis oveil being menachem yidden with shredded hearts right now r"l, and simultaneously at a leibedigeh chasuna somewhere, bringing intense simcha to another family's hearts. He doesn't "lose perspective" at all, because they are both true - they are both reality - at the same time! R' Tzvi-Meyer says that this is why Hashem can love us even if we have done bad things and are a mess: because He does not forget about the Good in us... it's still there... there's no contradiction to Hashem.

We, unfortunately, often do forget. Maybe that's why we are called "enosh" - as in "nosheh": to jump, or slip from it's place (gid hanasheh) - we forget!

If we'd actually appreciate a day with our spouses if we have one; with our children if we have some; with our jobs if we've got one; with our sanity, if we have it; with whatever we've "got" - things would be beautiful even though we fell, lost stuff, screwed some stuff up, in other words: were human.

"Beautiful" does not have to be "perfect" to still be beautiful.

Just like my spouse, kids, job, sobriety, and self.