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Hashem is With Us

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chuck C. once said: "What you are looking for, you're looking with; and what you found, came here with you."

We've all got Hashem with us, period.

When Hashem told the Avos not to fear, "for I am with you," He was not informing them of anything. They always knew he was with them. Rather, Hashem was speaking it out to them to make the relationship work for them. Just like a nisayon: Hashem "tests" us just to bring out the greatness that is already within us. Hashem was letting them actually hear His love and attachment to them, even though it was already there, to make it the kind of awareness that works.

Plenty of us have faith in G-d. But that is not enough for addicts. We need a faith that works. And that usually seems to take time, work, pain, and patience. (Unless you've got nevu'ah... but it seems that getting nevu'ah requires those things, too. Darn).