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Duvid Chaim writes some ideas to help those who contact him after a slip:

GYE Corp. Monday, 06 February 2012
Part 1/2 (to see other parts of the article, click on the pages at the bottom)

(Some of the concepts below will only be understood by those who are working the 12-Steps and/or were on Duvid Chaim's calls.)

Dear Struggler,

First of all, you must congratulate yourself.

Think about it.

You actually experienced a slip, but by posting about it on the forum or by emailing or calling me to admit this, it means that you are getting out of isolation, learning to trust and getting in touch with your feelings. These are the first signs that you are truly making progress in recovery!

And NOW you are more AWARE, and you know that the acting-out experience just isn't as "rewarding" as before.

You now know deep down that this is not the place you want to be. And you know that Recovery is where it's at!

So don't be so hard on yourself.

You can now come back into the light!

To get back in track:

1) Always first have a good long conversation with HaKadosh Boruch Hu. He just wants to hear from you again. Maybe your "signal strength" got a little low. How many "bars" were you holding before the slip?

2) Re-read some of your favorite excerpts from the Big Book and the notes you took.

3) Go back to your 4th Step Worksheet and review it - see the notes from our discussion. What "Glasses" were you wearing before your slip, and what glasses are you wearing now?

4) Then go to a new line in the Worksheets and do a "mini-inventory", identifying the "Resentments" and "Fears" that led up to the slip.

5) Send me the mini-inventory for a brief discussion.

6) Talk to another member of our Chevra or make an effort to build the relationships with those around you.

7) Be of Service to others, or do a random act of Chesed.

8) Get back on the Group Call. It's a wonderful way to review the Program materials and to be of service to the newcomers.

9) And most important of all, LOVE YOURSELF and realize what a success you are. And that you are NOT going to let anyone or anything pull you backwards.

10) Going Forward, stay aware of your perception and motives.

Remind yourself that you ARE in Recovery and that it's about PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION!!

Looking FORWARD (and now, so should you!)
Duvid Chaim

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