Finding it all in Him

by GYE (See all authors)

Someone wrote to us:

I found one of your first posts to me 12 months ago, that's kept me thinking for all these months:

"Yes, we CAN love and be loved, deeper than we could have ever imagined. We truly can find pleasure, comfort and security that we only dreamed could exist in this dark world. The subconcious need that we had all our lives is really a "G-d hole" inside of us... And all that we seek can truly be found in Him . When we give ourselves over to Him 100% (not 98%) we will finally start to feel it. Everything we ever thought we needed and craved, is there in Him."

Gold. Pure gold. I'm still working on turning that 98% into 100%, but I certainly see that it's possible in ways I did not see a year ago. Thanks.

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