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Excuses List

GYE Corp. Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Member of Duvid Chaim's Phone conference shares his "Excuses List" his addiction uses to FOOL HIM into believing he is still in control of his "lusting":

  • If I am the only one awake at 1 AM, it's not hurting anyone

  • If I fantasize, it stops me from real-life acting out

  • Everybody flirts anyway

  • It hurts to hold back/I need to release tension

  • It's just too hard to stop/I've been doing it too long

  • It's not a betrayal of love

  • I just want to check my email

  • It won't happen today

  • I won't happen again today

  • It won't happen before our phone meeting

  • I feel so great after the meeting, it won't happen afterward

  • I can use the internet by myself, I am not weak willed

  • No one will know

  • Acting out does not affect my tefilah

  • Acting out does not impinge on my love of life, positive attitude, simchas ha'Chaim

  • I am not holy enough to fight back yet, one day I will be there

  • It just feels so good

  • I need it

  • I will change tomorrow, just not now

  • I am in control

  • I have a better plan

  • I have a better plan

  • I have a better plan

  • I am the director, I can make anything happen when I want

  • I am normal

  • I am not an addict, I'm not like him, I'm not like them. If I'm an addict, people will look down on me

  • I will go through the 12 steps and THEN be in control

  • It's not the worst addiction out there

  • I am strong enough to stop

  • I, I, I.

What's your "excuse list"? We can identify the way our addiction fools us and learn to pre-empt it!