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Dov's 3rd Step Prayer

Step 3: "We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God of our understanding"

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 04 January 2012

Nothing is "asked of us" in the 3rd step, at all. It is we who need to do the asking.

"Hashem, I obviously haven't the ability to run my life without screwing it up. My lust will overtake some areas, just complicate others, and I just don't have the natural ability to remain honest, useful, and free by my own power. My self-absorption makes full relationships impossible and just complicates everything, eventually. And my addiction looms as a force that will likely derail me into a useless, tortured life with no real peace anyway.

But I cannot believe that this is the future that You have in store for Your kids. I believe You are a "nice Guy"... in fact, the nicest "Guy" of all... so...

As I am one of your kids, all I ask is for you to help me let go of total control over my life. I keep trying to put 'the fix' in, to manipulate the people around me into allowing me to use my drug, to waste my life, and to make my first priority - actually my only real priority in life - that they please me. Or at least that they all leave me alone....

I have had enough.

Hashem, let's get together and work on this thing called "my life" together from now on, OK?

I'll get out of Your way, and please You help me see how things are running better Your way than mine, OK?