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Are you willing to go to any lengths?

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Meetings, steps, making calls, and posting (for those still more terrified about saying the truth about themselves to another real person than almost anything else...) - all these things can bring us to inner rest/serenity - to admit the truth about ourselves and live accordingly - sanely. But it depends on how we use them.

Maybe none of this is for you at all. I do not know. But what worked for me was going to real meetings with real people because I knew I could not continue using my drug. If you (or anybody is) are not willing to go to any lengths to be truly rid of this garbage, then to me that means only one thing. You are not really ready to be rid of this garbage.

If you agree with me, that I suggest strongly that you stop telling yourself and anyone else that you are ready to let go of it. It is still too precious and sweet to you.

And I cannot blame you in the least, for it was too precious and sweet for me to give it up for 15 years even at the expense of my wife, children, Hashem, His Torah, my Olam haba, my integrity, and lots of other things. I cannot and will not blame you at all if you never give it up and keep using your drug even till you destroy everything in your life. I will not look down on you in any way, and will not even be surprised. In fact, I am surprised that I am sober today, for I do not deserve it, that's for sure.

Posting, sharing, and meetings are only tools. Tools that help me get honest with myself. In the end, that is all that matters. Self-honesty will bring me to G-d - or it won't - but in the end, I will be at rest knowing my own truth.