A Few Choice Quotes from Dov

GYE Corp. Sunday, 26 February 2012

I thought about all the forum people that I could remember during shacharis this Yom Kippur. It was the best part, as far as I am concerned.

It's funny, but there is only one tefillah during which I get a "second wind" and take a long time during "elokai, netzor" to go through all the people I know, one by one. It seems that no matter how much my feet were aching before, during that one shmoneh esrei each Yom Kippur, I don't feel them at all! At the end of talking to Him about all the people, I never want to leave, if you know what I mean, and just stay there saying nothing for a while. I hope He isn't bored of me then.

Love to you and everybody else here who I know of and don't yet know of (es hagluyim lanu ve'es she'einam gluyim lanu)!!


It says in Tehhilim, "im esak shomayim shom otoh" : Hashem, even if I go way up to the heavens, You are there!

"va'atziya she'ol, hinechoh" : But if I descend to the pit, here You are!"

This emphasis was taught to me by Rabbi Mendel Feldman, Olov haSholom.

So, maybe it's not so bad to feel far from Hashem... It doesn't mean that He is far from you. In fact, he may even be closer to you than when you feel you're in Heaven! (As the Navi says, "Merachok Nireh Li Hashem").


The day that I stop running away from lust because it is very, very dangerous for me and go back to trying to avoid it primarily because it is ossur, is the day I'd probably chas veshalom pick it right up again. And that would likely be the end of my reality as my family and I know it.

I am sure my Eternal Best Friend wants me to stay alive and sane. He really, really likes me, you know.