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Why do we have needs?

Watch this clip carefully. It contains the secret of our addiction and is a big Part of the 3rd Step

the.guard Monday, 23 April 2012

Download the video directly here, or see it on the website here (if you can't watch Youtube videos [hopefully!] then click the link below the video to watch it in a different player).

Dov explains the point of this video:

The video is not so precious because it is the “Torah derech” or the mitzvah. Its preciousness and power in this context, is from the fact that it so clearly describes the third step and what it really is all about. People crazily think that the third step means to be a tzaddik - they ignore the fact that the 3rd is only about putting ourselves in G-d's care rather than in the care of any other higher power - and our 2nd step (if we did it seriously) portrays clearly for all to see exactly how many and how powerful our false higher powers are in our lives. They are our self-destructive and dependent motivations. We all have them - it's normal. For the majority normal people it is a part of living – but for addicts they all eventually become intolerable. They force us to eventually either act out, or recover another piece of sanity. Slowly and one day at a time.