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Men's Partner/Mentor Program

Nuta's Profile

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He is looking To be a mentor
  Contact Info   
Region North America
Contact preferences Phone, Text Messaging, Whatsapp
Correspondance Frequency Wants to be in touch on a daily basis
Languages English, Yiddish
  Personal Info  
Age 30
Marital status Married
Background Chassidish, Heimish
Children 2
Religious from birth Yes
Additional info I tried to stop many times and was unsuccesful staying stopped
Approach to recovery The 12 steps
Story I was struggling from 12-13 with sexual fantasies and later on I found out from masturbation, and i was hooked. And later on i found out from pornography, and that was it. I have sexually used and abused my wife in my addiction. I have tried 13 years to stop but it never worked out for a longer period of time. On June 26 2018 i have got to know GYE, and the next day was my first sober day, and eventually i saw that i will not be able to stay sober if im not doing the steps, so I entered the program on Dec 21 2018. And since then im going to meetings and working my steps. And doing the program.

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