GYE helps those struggling with inappropriate materials and related behaviors.

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Kosher Isle Shiurim

KosherIsle Shiurim

Shiurim about this struggle

I masturbate to deal with anxiety but not porn. Am I an addict?

Monday, December 19, 2016. (To download this talk as an MP3 click here.)



Surviving the Yomim Noraim

Are your Yomin Noro'im colliding with your Recovery ... or perhaps with your Problem? Do you feel too terrified of your sins to have room to survive a proper Yomim Noro'im?



Guilt Anonymous

GUILT VS. TSHUVA. How to balance destructive guilt with real Teshuvah. Recorded especially for GuardYourEyes.

When You Caught Your Husband

In this talk, Rabbi Shafier helps women who found out their husband's were looking at shmutz to put things into perspective. Recorded especially for GuardYourEyes.

The Science of Habit Change

Gain a deep understanding into how habits work and how they are susceptible to change, and regain control over unwanted lustful behaviors.

Davening in Recovery

A great Shiur by Dov that deals with Kavanos of an addict in davening.



Is recovery easier or harder for a frum person?

A unique Shiur/Workshop by Dov that deals with much of the confusion frum people have in the program, and why some people's yiddishkeit gets weaker in recovery.



Straight Talk about Kedusha

A great talk on inyanei kedusha for Shovavim, given to the boys of Yeshivas Lev Aryeh by Rav Ahron Lopian (grandson of the world renowned Mashgiach, Rav Elya Lopian Zatzal)

Couples Workshop

A great SA talk for couples by Dov (sober in SA for over 18 years). Wives will benefit from hearing things from the perspective of a sexaholic husband.



The Victory of Yosef Hatzadik

Rabbi Feur gives wonderful chizuk to the chevra from the story of Yosef in the Parsha

Rabbi Twerski Speaks to Spouses

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski joins Miriam's phone conference for spouses

Should I tell my wife?

Everything you wanted to know about your Spouse, but were AFRAID to ask!



Teshuvah Drasha 5776

Another great Teshuva Drasha from Rabbi Feigenbaum - His 5th Year on GYE!

How Does GYE Help People?

At the 90th Agudah Convention, Yaakov, Founder of GYE, was asked to explain how GYE helps thousands of Yidden to break free. This half hour shiur sums up the GYE mehalech, from A to Z. A must hear!

The Psychology Behind the TaPHSiC Method

Break free once and for all! The TaPHSiC method is one of the most powerful tools on GYE. This shiur by Yaakov, founder of GYE, goes into the method in great detail, dispels any doubts about its validity and effectiveness, and expounds on the psychology behind its great success.