GYE helps those struggling with inappropriate materials and related behaviors.

All services are anonymous and free! Watch the video below to learn how GYE can help. Trouble viewing? Download here

Phone Number

  • Dial In Number:
    U.S: (515) 739-1514
    Israel: 055 966-1084
    U.K: 0330 998-1254

    For local call in numbers from other countries, see the chart at the bottom of the page.
  • Participant PIN: Please e-mail the moderator for the PIN number (see below)
  • Conference Call Info

  • Average Call Time: 1 Hour
  • Day(s) & Time

  • Mondays 11:00am-12:00pm EST
  • Moderator Info

  • Zissy has been on live calls through for a while, and has worked the steps with a sponsor. Now she wants to share what she has with other suffering female addicts.


  • Big Book Study Group For Women

    An in-depth 12-Step Big-Book Study Group.

    "How we have Recovered"

    Focusing on the solution, not the problem.

    Big Book Study Group For Women

    Half an hour of reading, then open sharing and questions.

    There is no 'leader' and there is no cross talk, which makes it safe and keeps it simple.

    Please come even if you don't feel like speaking, just mute yourself and listen in until you feel comfortable enough to share.



    If you don't have a Big Book, please use the Big Book from the official AA website. Click here (it has same format and page numbers as the printed big book).

    Please download this study guide from as well.

    Relevant Links, Resources and Downloads

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    Comments (1)

    • KeepSteiging
      KeepSteiging says:
      13 February 2017 at 22:07 |

      Wow! I could not possibly describe how much I get from even one of these calls. It helps me so much with everything...

      In the first part of the call, we go through the Big Book and discuss it. Because everyone has their own struggles, experience and views on things, it is fantastic. I would have never thought I could gain so much from even one short paragraph, which was not even written, originally, for OUR kind of struggle.

      Then, in the second part of the call, people share and discuss what they go through, how they feel, what they are worried about, what they have learnt about themselves... There is so much support, so much understanding! People relate to one another, and they don't mind saying it. It makes you feel so good and normal. You really couldn't have found a better place to discuss it all.

      And of course, Zissy is so fabulous. She runs the call in a way that everyone can speak their heart out, and is so understanding. Thanks to her experience and constant work, she is able to give such accurate advice... A proper therapy!

      Thank you so so so much for organizing such a tremendous event. Every week, I await it with even more anticipation.

      Well done Zissy :) thanks for being who you are and for teaching all of us to be who we are

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