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He is looking To be a mentor
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Region North America
Contact preferences Email
Correspondance Frequency Wants to be in touch once in a while
Languages English
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Age 27
Marital status
Background Yeshivish
Children 2
Religious from birth Yes
Additional info I have managed to stop on my own - and I am clean for a long while
Approach to recovery Look for true happiness in life. Ultimately thats what everybody wants, to just be happy and content. When you are ready to strip yourself bare and expose your true essence, and your willing to do whatever it takes to be happy and content, then youll be ready to give up porn. Why? Because it doesn’t make you happy. End of story. It never did and it never will.
Story As you will see from the topics I started, the only thing I really still struggle with is the YH trying to get me to be dissatisfied with my wife. This is a big issue for me. But baruch hashem i have made great progress in this area recently.

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