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  Sukkot 5779  
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Editor’s Note: Gut Yomtov!
Torah: Vesamachtah Bi'chagecha!
Torah: Did You Keep Your New Year's Resolution?
Chizuk: GYE - "Simchas Beis Hashoeva" Get your dancing shoes on!
Torah: Our Past Sins Become Our Schach!
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Editor’s Note
Gut Yomtov!

Dear GYE,

a freilachen Yomtov Sukkos!

See what a member E.M. wrote to us:

First Yom Kippur Without Guilt 

BH, this Yom Kippur I was able to say Vidui Drabeinu Nisim for the first time ever without any guilt. I am over a year clean!

And surprise of surprises, I happened to have davened vasikin RH and YK for the first time in my life; first time Vasikin in ANY davening of my life. I was looking in a sefer and I happened to see that the Kaf Hachaim (5) says that Vasikin is michaper for Zera Lvatala! What hashgacha pratis! Hashem obviously wanted me to daven vasikin to send me a sign that my Teshuva is accepted!

What helped me most? 


1. The 90 day plan got me started seriously

2. Sharing With my wife and rov

3. Finding out that I’m not the only one

4. And mostly, taking each opportunity one at a time, and not saying I can’t look the rest of my life. Just one day at a time.

Dear E.M.,

Glad to hear about your successes and inspirations. Did you know that the sefer "Magen La'Elef" brings that building the sukka with sweat is a big tikkun for Zera livatala?

Hatzlocho and a Gut Yomtov.


Vesamachtah Bi'chagecha!

Sukkos is a time of Simcha.

The Chassidic Rebbe of Karlin once said that with Simcha Shel Mitzva a Yid can break down all barriers! The Yetzer Hara just flees when Jews rejoice with Hashem's Mitzvos.

Have a Simchadik Yom-Tov!

Did You Keep Your New Year's Resolution?
By Moss, Rabbi

Question of the Week:

Why do we celebrate the festival of Sukkos immediately after Yom Kippur? Wouldn't it be better to space out these festivals? Or is there some connection between fasting on Yom Kippur and eating in an outdoor hut for a week?


The first thing we do in the new year is make resolutions. The second thing we do is break them. At a moment of inspiration we promise to curb our temper, become more generous, speak to G-d more or quit a bad habit. But soon after we go back to our old ways as if nothing happened. Often a sincere resolution is forgotten as quickly as it was made.

The reason: compartmentalization. Our personalities are divided. We have a holy soul, and we have a physical body. My soul has good intentions and wants to change and improve and grow, but my body is lazy and complacent and can't be bothered.

On Yom Kippur I put my body aside and feel my soul, and so I want to soar to new spiritual heights. After Yom Kippur my body reasserts itself, and the yearnings of the soul are forgotten. My soul suggests a resolution; my body vetoes it.

The solution: enter a Sukkah. We sit in the Sukkah with our entire being - our body and our soul, our lowly side as well as our lofty side. It is one of the only mitzvos that we do with our whole person. And what do we do in the Sukkah? We eat and drink.

Unlike Yom Kippur, when it is a mitzvah to fast and ignore the body, on Sukkos the mitzvah is to indulge the body with food and drink in the Sukkah. On Yom Kippur we neglect our body to allow the soul's true nature to shine forth; on Sukkos we invite our body to join in and be inspired too. On Yom Kippur we see the body as being an impediment to the soul; on Sukkos, by bringing our entire being into the holy space of the Sukkah, and doing a mitzvah with our body, the body becomes a partner to the soul. Then the good resolutions of the soul can be implemented by the body.

The Sukkah experience is one of wholesomeness. By making the body a partner in our soul's enterprise, our resolve from Yom Kippur can be translated into reality. Don't miss out on this festival, the one that brings the High Holydays down to earth.

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GYE - "Simchas Beis Hashoeva" Get your dancing shoes on!
By Mark

"Fortunate is he who did not sin!One who did should returnAnd will be forgiven"

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Our Past Sins Become Our Schach!

Chaza"l say that the Schach should be from "Pesoles Goren Ve'Yakev". Why do Chazal use the Lashon of "Pesoles", couldn't they have found a nicer way to describe the material we use for this holy Mitzva?

Says the Alter Sadigerer Rebbe (son in law of the Beis Ahron of Karlin), that Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are times of Teshuva Me'Yira - Repentance from Fear, and Chazal say that when we repent from fear our sins becomes like "mistakes" (zedonos na'asin ki'shgagos). However, Sukkos is a time of Teshuvah Me'Ahava - Repentance through love and rejoicing. This is a much higher level of Teshuva, and Chazal say that the sins become like merits!

This, says the Sadigerer, is the secret of the Schach. We davka take the "Pesoles"; the spoiled - the sins of our past; and through Teshuvah Me'Ahava on Sukkos, we uplift them into merits. Hashem's divine presence hovers over us in the Sukka davka in the form of our past sins, which we have merited to uplift through our repentance with love!

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