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  Breaking Free Chizuk #1267  
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Image of the Day: Sheva yipol tzaddik - v'kom!
Sayings: The heart needs to be broken when will-power is not enough
Torah: From the Depths of She'ol
Daily Dose of Dov: Do you have the right God?
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Image of the Day

Created by Maydel, a member of the female GYE.

Thank you for providing us with your artwork, Maydel, and may it be the z'chus for your recovery.

Sheva yipol tzaddik - v'kom!
Sheva yipol tzaddik - v'kom!
The heart needs to be broken when will-power is not enough
From the Depths of She'ol

The Pasuk says that the children of Korach didn't die. The Medrash says that as the children of Korach were falling into 'she'ol' they said to Hashem, "Hashem, it is known that Klal Yisrael won't achieve redemption until they 'hit bottom'. We have hit bottom, PLEASE SAVE US!" And Hashem replied, "You have won me, my sons. It is all in your hands. If you turn your hearts to Heaven you will be saved". And they turned their hearts to Hashem and Hashem lifted the ground up under them and they were saved. And from them came Shmuel Hanavi, the head of the Nevi'im. As Chana praised Hashem, "Morid sho'el vayo'al - (Hashem) takes down to she'ol and uplifts"...

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Daily Dose of Dov
Do you have the right God?
How can I still have falls after so many years of pain and humiliation?
By GYE Corp.

Someone who has been in SA groups in the past yet is still experiencing frequent falls, posted some of his story and ends with the following:

How can I think this way after so many years of pain and humiliation? It seems that anyone else who has experienced the pain that I have would have decided that their way isn't working, but not me.

Dov Responds:

How? Maybe cuz you are an addict.

The program is not for people who can control themselves. It's not for people who can be taught to run their lives right. It's for lunatics like me who still desire to follow women on the highway cuz they are pretty even though I have a loving wife at home. Just cuz I feel a desire does not mean that all is lost. If you waste time worrying about how base or insane your desires or tendencies are, then I'd say you haven't yet figured out how broken you are. When I get such a desire or see myself wanting to take another turn around on the subway to get a better look at a lady there, I say to myself "there I go again!" and chuckle. I make a program call - not in desperation, but just to share with another person who understands exactly how pathetic this addict is.

And we are free! We do not need to follow the lady or to get a second, better look. I can ask Him to take it away.

If you have not developed that kind of talking and needing relationship with your G-d yet, then I'd ask what you were doing at meetings. There is nothing else but this in the program. #12 says that it's only and all about: a spiritual awakening. Getting yourself your own, real, useful G-d. If your G-d is not working for you yet, then either you don't have the right G-d yet, or you are not interested in using Him yet. If your present G-d lacks the power or desire to assist you, I'd suggest you've got the wrong god. If he has that, then I'd ask why you are not yet using Him.

To me, it all comes down to my G-d and my desire to use Him. When Lust was your god, how did you use it? I am dead serious here. The answer to that question is another indispensable tool for me (but as you already did the 2nd step, I assume you looked at that one already. But if you didn't, there is no time like the present).

You are not alone in any of the troubles you have. Stay in the game.

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