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Torah: And from my flesh, I shall see G-d
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12 Step Attitude: A Life-Changing Way of Thinking
Testimonials: 6 Years' Worth of Gratitude
Text: I clean up the messes of the porn industry.
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And from my flesh, I shall see G-d
By GYE Corp.

It is brought down from the Chassidic Masters: "MiBeSaRI" Echeze Elokah - "And from my flesh, I shall see G-d," (Iyov, 19:26.) - The word "MiBeSaRI" is an acronym for "Mi'Toras Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai" - In other words, from the Torah of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, I shall see G-d.

Zohar Bereshit 94a
Another explained the verse: "And from my flesh, I shall see G-d," (Iyov, 19:26.) What is the meaning of "And from my flesh?" It would be more proper to say, "from my inner essence." However, "my flesh" is to be understood literally (as being the place of the Brit,) as in the verse, "and the holy flesh is removed from thee," (Yirmeyahu, 11:15,) and also, "and my Brit shall be in your flesh," (Bereshit, 17:13.)

For thus we have learned: Whenever a man is stamped with the holy impress of this sign, through it literally he will attain his awareness of G-d, because the holy soul is attached to this place (in the parallel spiritual world of the Yesod.)

But if he does not merit this, because he did not guard this sign, then of him it is written, "They lose the soul of G-d," (Iyov, 4:9,) for he did not properly guard the impress of G-d. If, however, he guards it, then the Shechinah does not part from him….

When is the Shechinah established with him? When he is married, then the sign enters into its intended place….The holy soul is attached to this place, and everything depends on this sign. Thus it is written, "And from my flesh, I shall see G-d." This is the perfection of everything, literally from "my flesh," from this very sign. Therefore, how fortunate are the holy Jewish People who are attached to the Holy One, Blessed Be He; fortunate are they in this world and fortunate in the world to come. Regarding them it is written: "But you who cleave to the L-rd your G-d, are alive every one of you this day," (Devarim, 4:4.)

Daily Dose of Dov
R' Shimon Bar Yochai Didn't Bring Along a Sandwich
12 Step Attitude
A Life-Changing Way of Thinking
"YVY" wrote after his 5th step call on Steve's Phone Conference:

What I found amazing was being introduced to a brand new, life changing way of thinking. I was able to see, with the help of HKB"H and sponsor Steve, a world of resentments and fears transform before my eyes ( poof! ) to a world of beauty and joy, serenity and closeness to HKB"H. With a small, yet powerful change of perspective, interactions with others that formally caused so much pain, become spiritual experiences that bring us up close and personal with our Creator. Why would I want to flee from such a world and drown myself in lust? With enough practice, I can see how it would never even occur to me to do that again.

I mention the closeness to HKB"H not out of religious conviction, but out of personal experience. With no exaggeration, together we witnessed HKB"H guide me towards a view on life that faced the pain caused by fear and resentments and transformed the experience into one of serenity, happiness, and spirituality. I now feel that I can call on HKB"H at any time, and in His infinite Power, He will guide me.

These are life tools and they are priceless. With practice, these tools can open up a world that has, for the most part, been hidden. Lest you think I'm a generally unhappy person, consider that before I approached these sheets I could hardly imagine that I even had any resentments. But when I jumped into the exercise, the resentments flowed, because I've experienced pain - and who hasn't? Whatever joyful life I had thought I had before beginning the 4th and 5th steps, clearly does not compare to the kind of joy that I've now been introduced to and that I plan on applying to all the bumps ahead.

Thank you Steve for your precious patience and time, your openness and acceptance. Thank you HKB"H for joining us on this call; Your presence was so clear on the call, is so much clearer today and, with Your help, will always be for the rest of my life.


This article is a reprint from 2015. Hopefully, GYE member Kedusha is celebrating his 9th anniversary today. Mazel tov, Kedusha!

6 Years' Worth of Gratitude
By Kedusha

Dear Chaveirim,

Lag Ba'Omer is only hours away. This day is, be"H, a very special milestone for me - six years clean!

I have had amazing Hashgacha regarding my anniversary dates. The day when I was three years clean (May 18, 2012) fell on Yesod shebeYesod (the 41st day of the Omer). I was incredulous at the Hashgacha. As noted back then, according to the Luach, the next time May 18 falls on Yesod shebeYesod is 2050 (5810)! Of course, we hope Moshiach will be here well before then, which might make it come out sooner!

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I clean up the messes of the porn industry.
By Ann Olivarius

When I argued that pornography is inherently oppressive at a Cambridge Union debate recently, I honestly didn’t expect my team to win over the audience. I hoped to. But I also knew that those who grow up in today’s pornified world understandably find it hard to see the harms. I see the harms. I am a lawyer, practicing in the US and in the UK, and I spend some of my days – more than I like – cleaning up the messes of the porn industry.

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