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Chizuk: Mi L'Hashem Alai!
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Personal Stories: No Matter How Many Times You Fall, Try Again
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Choose Wisely
Choose Wisely
Mi L'Hashem Alai!
By the.guard

Chanukah is all about Messiras Nefesh, about giving the fight over to Hashem.

The Sefarim say that every year, the same great light that came down in the time of the Chashmonaim comes down again on Chanukah. In the zechus of their messiras nefesh back then, every Jew can be zoche to this madrega on Chanukah.

This fight is BIGGER THAN US. We can't win without a miracle. Often it feels like we'll die if we don't give in, if we don't take that second look... But if we are ready to be moser nefesh and turn away, if we surrender the desire and give over the fight to Hashem, He will give over the strong into the hands of the weak.

We are up against the whole world. But this is not our fight, it is Hashem's. Let us throw ourselves into His hands and be ready to do whatever it takes, and then He will fight for us!

GuardYourEyes is calling out to every Jew: Mi L'Hashem Alai!

Lessons From Chanukkah Candles
Personal Stories
No Matter How Many Times You Fall, Try Again
Part 1/2
By Levite

"Levite" shares his story in more detail. (To see the full story, see his thread here).

... I got older and managed to find easy access to the net for my fix... This carried on until I was 18. I was hardly keeping anything at that point. I was in Israel, clubbing every night and still using p**n as my crutch and getting into deep trouble. I didn't actually do anything, but I saw rock-bottom before I hit it and I knew that I was screwing up my life.

Around that time, I met this wonderful guy that introduced me to the works of the great Chassidic master, my holy Rebbe, Reb Nachman of Breslov Zatzal, and I made a U-turn. Honestly, a U-turn isn't enough to describe what I did. It was more an O-turn. From the lowest place on earth, I came up to place that I only dream of today. I divined hours, learned Torah and Chassidus, and just felt so close to Hashem. I didn't fall for over 4 months at that time. I couldn't. I was getting my "fix" through dveykus to the holiest ideas. But I knew at the time that this feeling wouldn't last forever so I made a decision then, that no matter what, I'd always try again. This way, I could take my "peak" with me for life, so that whatever happened in the future - even if I did fall, I'd pick myself up again.

I fell on Sukkos 4 months later. I felt so bad, but thank G-d, I got back up straight afterwards. But from then on it went down, it became so hard. I was grasping at my new-found position in yiddishkeit, but with my last strengths. Two months later, I fell again and I called my mentor. Although I was very close to him, I had never divulged my personal details until that point, but then I told him what happened and I cried like I never did - before or after - in my life. He told me that Hashem sees my broken heart - "ki chol levovois doresh Hashem - for Hashem explores all hearts", and he told me to keep strong and pray right then, because when a person is at his lowest, Hashem is nearest. "Lev nishbor venidkeh eloikim loi tivzeh - a broken and suppressed heart G-d does not forsake".

I know this sounds crazy, but within a week I was engaged to be married to my wife - a top shidduch! To this day I can't believe it. Five months before my shidduch I was a guy in the lowest depths, and now such a shidduch!

I had a couple of falls later, but I kept myself up. I think that the biggest lesson that I got out of Reb Nachman's works is that no matter how many times you fall, try and try - and try again.

I got married and that's when the problems started again. I was very happy B"H, but once I had to be with my wife... as Chazal say, "there is a small limb in a man, if one feeds it, it is hungry, if one starves it, it is satiated"... I felt like I couldn't keep myself back and I started to fall again quite often. It broke me, and slowly it broke off bits of my warmth in yiddishkeit as well. I fell again and again and again, and no matter what I did or tried, I just went down!

I tried so many ways to stop, but having never looked at it as an addiction I kept falling through and being triggered by the smallest things. It broke me so much,"why cant I break free?!". Whenever I had five minutes of access to the net, I was on p**n. So I stopped using the net, but I still found it on my phone, so I stopped using my phone too. Then I found an internet shop for any excuse, and I was again on the p**n. I decided to have a PC at home that I could use for healthy purposes and there I could install a filter that worked (well, kind of), but Hashem decided that for the business I was in, I needed a phone with internet. So I continued falling, until one day while surfing online at (and looking where I shouldn't) I came across an ad for this site. And as soon as I came here, I knew I'd arrived!

To be continued...
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