T'shuva and Gratitude
  Breaking Free Chizuk #1714  
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Editor’s Note: TaPHSiC from the Gemoro minayin?
Personal Stories: My Life Changed When I Found GYE
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Prevention: Bemakom SheBa'al Teshuva Omed
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Editor’s Note
TaPHSiC from the Gemoro minayin?

From Daf Yomi:

Sanhedrin יט at the bottom:

Knowing that Michal was betrothed to David, Palti Ben Layish -  to avoid sinning - placed a sword between himself and Michal each night, and declared that whoever of them would succumb to the evil inclination, would be pierced by it.

He could have had relations with her but he set up a TaPHSiC, whoever transgresses - gets the sword!

Personal Stories
My Life Changed When I Found GYE
I just read Bill's story, and now I'd like to write my own.
By Lizhensk

I was hitting puberty in the early 2000's. The world was still in an uproar over the supposed second coming of Yoshke, which never materialized. I was young, stupid and innocent. And I was curious. Things started happening to my body, my mind was going in different directions then it had until now. The same girls that were "ew" until now, my eyes were now following them to their doors. I wasn't a sicko on most accounts. I didn't get turned on by people who got dressed to please. It was those "expensive" girls that got me going. The real Princesses, the ones that acted and dressed the part that got me going.

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A practical guide to introducing a daily gratitude practice into your life.

30 Days of Gratitude
Bemakom SheBa'al Teshuva Omed

The Talmud teaches that one who has sinned but then asks for forgiveness comes closer to G-d than someone who never sinned. This means that a person who was wicked but left their evil ways reaches higher than a person who has always done the right thing.

If so, the Talmud asks, should a righteous person intentionally sin, in order to have the opportunity to change his ways? After all, he can't reach the level of a reformed sinner if he never sins.

The answer is no, he shouldn't sin. One reason is, he might enjoy it and never repent. But more than that, if he sins just to repent, his repentance will not be sincere because his sin was not sincere. If you sin just to get closer to G-d, you never rebelled properly. And if you didn't rebel, you can't truly regret. If you didn't actually go off the path you can't get back on.

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