Gratitude vs. Entitlement
  Breaking Free Chizuk #1601  
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Member's Chizuk: Suffering is part of life
Torah: Derech Eretz Kodmo l'Torah
Q & A: Why isn't it taught?
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Member's Chizuk
Suffering is part of life
By GYE Member

For the past, let's say, a week and a half - maybe longer - I haven't been myself. Instead of my positive, cheery, optimistic, loving self, I've had these feelings inside of self-hate, harshness, and withdrawal from life…

What I'm feeling hurts. It's suffering. But I know that it will not last forever. Emotions come and go, like clouds, like angry express trains, or like strong waves. But they pass. They will not last forever, and they are not impossible to bear. Yes, they are hard. Yes, they don't feel good. But I can handle experiencing uncomfortable emotions and ride them out until they go away. I can remind myself that suffering is part of life, and that all human beings suffer. I try to keep myself involved in and focused on action, and in doing things that give me pleasure. I try to be grateful for every breath I take. I can enjoy the special gifts that Hashem has given me: the ability to see beautiful and vivid colors; the ability to touch, to feel soft things and different textures; to experience a hug; the ability to taste so many different foods; the ability to sing, and hear the voices of my family. There is so much.

There is so much to be grateful for.

Derech Eretz Kodmo l'Torah
By Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt

‘Human decency precedes religion’ (Leviticus Raba 9:3) A person cannot consider ‘serving God’ if he is not a decent human being in the first place. A criminal cannot become religious to plaster over his past behaviour. Firstly, he must put his past behind him with genuine contrition, then he can consider where his future lies. Bad character, mixed with religion, is the perfect combination that all terror groups seek……and find in abundance.

Q & A

When I was young, noone ever told me about the issur of masturbation.  By the time I found out, I was deeply entrenched. I was doing it a few times a day. The guilt was overwhelming and the inability to talk to anyone about the big dark secret was torturous. My best years were destroyed by this.  Why

Why isn't this taught in yeshivos when boys are 11-12 years old?

Thanks, Distraught 

Why isn't it taught?

Dear Distraught,

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