Dealing with "stinkin' thinking" - Finale
  Breaking Free Chizuk #1556  
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Announcements: Surviving the Yomim Noraim as a Frum Addict
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12 Step Attitude: Dealing with "stinking thinking" and moods
Practical Tips: Keeping Busy
Chizuk: Still waiting for the brick, are you?
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Surviving the Yomim Noraim as a Frum Addict

A recording of a Shiur/Workshop by Dov, who is sober in SA for more than 18 years, which took place on Sept. 30, 2016/

Dov writes:

"Are your Yomin Noro'im colliding with your Recovery...or perhaps with your Problem? Do you feel too terrified of your sins to have room to survive a proper Yomim Noro'im - or perhaps you can't see why you need the Yomim Noro'm, given the fact that you are finally recovering without all that 'sin business' and are afraid Yomim Noro'im will pull you back into your old ways or addiction? This call is be"H for you."

Other audio recordings of Dov's workshops from years past.

Image of the Day
12 Step Attitude
Dealing with "stinking thinking" and moods
Part 4/4
By Yechezkel

Dealing with "stinking thinking" and moods #4

If we truly realized and internalized that our emotions are 100% coming from our thinking, that there is 100% correlation between our thinking and our feelings, there would be many positive implications and ramifications.

One other major ramification is that we would be less moved and less reactive to events in our world that are not to our liking.

We often react in different ways to the same external events in or lives - depending on our state of mind at the time and our quality of thinking.

Can you think of situations in your life that recur and you react differently at different times?

Look for simple things like getting cut-off by a car on the highway. Did it happen to you once and you got irritated, and exactly the same thing happened a different day and you were not bothered at all? Or when your child doesn't listen to you, do you always react the same way?

Where are your feelings coming from? From external events and circumstances, or from your thinking?

We should be more suspicious of ourselves when we get caught up and blame external circumstances and people for the way we feel. This suspicion can actually be a very freeing and lightening experience.

Practical Tips
Keeping Busy
By Dani S.
By GYE Member

The Mishna in Avos teaches that Torah study with Derech Eretz is "yafa" - beautiful - because the engrossment in both (continuously) makes us forget sin.

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Still waiting for the brick, are you?
From (Suggested by Dov as being "apropos to our addiction"))

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Schonbrun likes to tell the story of a "young and successful executive" who, speeding down an urban street in his new Jaguar, feels a brick smash into the side of his prized automobile. Angered, he backs up, gets out of the car, and grabs the kid who threw the brick.

"What the heck are you doing?" the driver screams.

The kid, crying, answers, "I'm sorry. I didn't know what else to do. I threw the brick because no one else would stop." His brother's wheelchair had rolled off the curb and his brother had fallen out.

"I can't lift him up!" the stone-thrower cries. "Would you please help me get him back into his wheelchair?"

The driver helps lift the fallen boy and keeps the dent in the Jaguar's side as a reminder of the incident's message: "Don't go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention."

Everyone has a choice, Schonbrun says. You can listen to the whispers of life, its subtle messages. "Or you can wait for the brick."

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