How to do teshuvah, let go of resentments, and be close to G-d
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12 Step Attitude: Dealing with "stinking thinking" and moods
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Testimonials: Being close to G-d
Torah: Letting go of resentments
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12 Step Attitude
Dealing with "stinking thinking" and moods
Part 3/4
By Yechezkel

Dealing with "stinking thinking" and moods #3

If we truly realized and internalized that our emotions are 100% coming from our thinking, that there is 100% correlation between our thinking and our feelings, there would be many positive implications and ramifications.

One other major ramification is that we would realize it's not necessary to change the world for us to feel better.

We often try so hard to force our environment and the people around us to change in a desperate hope to feel better.

It usually doesn't work. Not only it doesn't work, it makes things worst.

Looking for the reasons why we feel negatively in our lives and our environment gives the negative feelings deeper roots, more negative thoughts, more negative feelings - it's a negative spiral.

Realizing the reason we feel negatively is because our thinking has gone stinking, makes it much more likely that the thinking and the feelings will fly with the wind quicker.

To be continued...
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How to do Teshuvah without killing yourself
Being close to G-d
By Arye
By GYE Member

Dear GYE,

Thank you for your congratulations on my reaching 1 year clean, it touched my heart deeply. Thank you, GYE, it definitely would not have been possible without you.

Lately, I have been meditating, a practice that I have learnt recently. If I can work at its root, it will do away with these maladies of the mind. Maybe, this is a posuk in Tehilim that describes it:

ואני קרבת אלקים לי טוב, שתי בא-דני יה-וה מחסי , לספר כל מלאכותיך.(73,28)

The best thing that is really good - and it is the only good - and it is the greatest of the goods, is to be close to Hashem. But my eyes, my feelings, and my emotions don't see it that way, so there is no choice and no other way, but to trust Him. Put your trust and sense of security on Him. Then, I could see and tell all of his great deeds and miracles that He does, especially with me.

GYE, thank you and thank you again. BE"H, I intend to be sober till Mashiach comes, there is no other choice. May Hashem help me to choose Him to enlighten me when my path is dark. Then, may He help me see that there was never a dark place, everything was lighted under His sun, His infinite light and love.

Be well, friends, adios!


Letting go of resentments
By GYE Admin

The work Ner Le'ragli tells the story of a certain student in Yeshivat Kenesset Yisrael of Slobodka who spread false, uncomplimentary information about a fellow student, whom we will call Yosef. The lashon ha'ra he spoke caused Yosef to lose a prospective shidduch opportunity. Yosef remained unmarried until the time when the Russian army began conscripting single men into its army, and so Yosef was drafted. He endured several years of suffering under the harsh conditions of the Russian military.

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