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  Breaking Free Chizuk #1430  
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Image of the Day: Depressed? Cut Down on Porn.
Editor’s Note: What do you focus on?
Torah: Adar: How can we make ourselves feel happy?
Attitude & Perspective: Let's Help Each Other
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Image of the Day
Depressed? Cut Down on Porn.
Depressed? Cut Down on Porn.
Editor’s Note
What do you focus on?

A man went over to the male chasidishe photographer taking pictures of the women at a wedding and said to him: "I don't understand - how can you come over to the women's section and look at the women for 5 hours straight?"

The picture-macher answered: "When I look at them, I don't see women - I see dollar signs!"

If we are focused on what we need to do: real life, like parnassa, family, getting things done, etc., then we don't see LUST everywhere we go, even when it's in front of us!

Adar: How can we make ourselves feel happy?

Simcha is the number one tool against the Yetzer Hara. When a Jew is happy, the Yetzer Hara can't bother him.

The Pasuk in the Artscroll Chumash says: "Mishe Mishe Mishe Nichnas Adar, Marbim Marbim Marbim Besimcha". The Artscroll Rishonim explain that the repetition of the words "Mishe" and "Marbim" in the Pasuk come to teach us that we need to be VERY VERY VERY beSimcha!

Attitude & Perspective
Let's Help Each Other

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Do u know the relationship between your two eyes?

They Blink Together, Move together, Cry together, See things together & Sleep together.

Even though they NEVER EVER SEE OTHER.

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If your compulsive acting-out has progressed beyond the screen (with other people, paid sexual services, etc.) we suggest you explore joining Sexaholics Anonymous (SA). To figure out if SA is for you, call Dov at 917-414-8205, or email Dov at to schedule a time to talk. For more information visit

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