Nachas Ruach and Kotzer Ruach
  Breaking Free Chizuk #1404  
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Image of the Day: Higher Power
Chizuk: Never satisfied
Torah: Kotzer Ruach
Daily Dose of Dov: There I go Again!
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Image of the Day
Higher Power
Higher Power
Never satisfied

An interesting story / parable from the Talmud Tamid 32b

As he (Alexander the Great) was traveling he sat by a spring and began to eat. He had with him some salted fish, and as they were being washed by the spring they gave off a pleasant fragrance; [alternate version: they came back to life]. So he said: This shows that this spring comes from the Garden of Eden. Some say that he took some of the water and washed his face with it; others say that he climbed up the trail that led to the source of the spring until he came to the gate of Gan Eden. He cried out: Open the gate for me! They replied: "This is the gateway to G-d the righteous shall enter through it (Psalms 118:20). He replied: I am a king! I am an important personage. [If you don't admit me, at least] give me something [from Gan Eden]. They gave him an eyeball. He went and weighed all his silver and gold against it, and it did not weigh as much [as the eyeball]. He said to the Rabbis: How is this possible? They replied: It is the eyeball of a human being, [and the human eye] is never satisfied (that is why it weighs more than all your wealth). They took a little dust and covered the eyeball, [meaning: man continues to hoard silver and gold until he is in the grave, covered by dust], and immediately the eyeball was weighed down. And so it says, (Proverbs 27:20) "Sheol and Avaddon are never full; and the eyes of man are never satisfied".

Kotzer Ruach
By Fish, Dr/Rabbi Naftali

The parshios of the six weeks of Shovavim deal with the enslavement of the Jewish people in Mitzrayim and their subsequent redemption and salvation. Many Sefarim talk about how a man's struggle with his Yetzer hara is symbolized by the enslavement in Mitzrayim and Hashem's ultimate help in redeeming him. The Pesukim in this week's parsha describe the hard work and bitterness of the oppression in Mitzrayim, and in next week's parsha we see how the yidden didn't listen to Moshe "mi'kotzer Ruach ume'avodah kasha - due to oppressiveness of spirit and hard work".

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Daily Dose of Dov
There I go Again!
Dov writes how he reacts when feeling the triggers coming back, and he might be tempted to think that he hasn't made any real progress after all these years:
By Dov

When this happens to me, I say to myself, "well, what do you expect from an addict?"

Sometimes I chuckle, "well, there I go again, still chasing!". And my pride goes back where it came. And it feels a lot better.

As long as I don't act out, lusting after a higher madreiga or "accomplishment" in life - even spiritual - is something I lost my license for when I first began trying to turn my life over to Hashem. It's purely His business, now, not mine.

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