Chanukah and Jihad, anyone?
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Image of the Day: Consequences Are Not Free
Editor’s Note: Chanukah and Jihad
Torah: A Revolution Within
Links: What was the secret to Yosef's success with such a great Nisayon?
Torah: Secret weapon of the Maccabees
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Image of the Day
Consequences Are Not Free
Consequences Are Not Free
Editor’s Note
Chanukah and Jihad

In continuation of Yesterday's "Note from the Editor" about Chanuka being a time of Messiras Nefesh:

Never before in history has humanity faced as great an evil as today's Islamic extremists. Even the Nazi's Y"M were not suicidal! When it was obvious that they were losing ground in WWII, they withdrew their troops and ultimately surrendered. But today's Muslim extremists are prepared to die, just to kill a few "infidels". All over the world, Jihadist are perpetrating monstrous suicidal attacks against innocent civilians. And in Israel, Palestinian kids as young as 11 and 14 years old are stabbing people in the streets knowing they will be killed. 

David Hamelech prayed in Tehillim (Hallel) "סבוני כדבורים דעכו כאש קוצים בשם ה׳ כי אמילם""They surrounded me like bees, they are quenched like fire of thorns, but in the name of Hashem I cut them off."

Why like bees? When a bee stings, it knows it will die and yet it still stings. David prayed to Hashem to save him from such people who are willing to sting even though they know they will die. For such people are impossible to win without divine intervention.

Where do these Muslim extremists get the strength to perpetrate such attacks? Every nation receives its strength from their angel (Sar) in Shamayim. It seems that in the generation before Moshiach, Evil has been given its strongest weapon; messiras nefesh, rachmana litzlan!

But my friends, there is a good side to all this!! מידה טובה מרובה! For every bad force that comes down to this world, an equal and opposite force comes down for GOOD. That means that in our generation, Hashem has surely opened the gates of messiras nefesh for good to anyone who truly wants it!  There must be a great opportunity now for us to grab these spiritual kochos for the good. 

EVERY TIME WE TURN AWAY from the Yetzer Hara; every time we say "No" - even when it feels like we'll DIE if we don't give in, we are latching on the the spiritual forces of the days before Moshiach! Hashem offers the koach of Messiras Nefesh to anyone who shows they are ready to do whatever it takes!

So now, especially on Chanukah - which is the time of messiras nefesh, let us decide that no matter how much it hurts, we will be willing to endure for the sake of Kedusha!

Mi L'Hashem Alai

A Revolution Within


Recording of Guest Speaker Shiur from Duvid Chaim's call

What was the secret to Yosef's success with such a great Nisayon?

Listen to this powerful 30 minute shiur by Rabbi Feur

Secret weapon of the Maccabees
By Fishman, Tzvi

Chanukah is an opportune time to work on sexual purity. Here are some excerpts from an article by Tzvi Fishman.

At the center of the Greek plan to uproot the Torah from Israel was their strategy to lure the Jews into sexual transgression. The Jewish People's belief that G-d ruled over the physical world, as well as the spiritual, was something that the hedonistic Hellenist culture could not allow....

...Craving to be like the Greeks, the Jewish Hellenists stretched their orlah [foreskins] back over the sign of their Brit, in order to look like their masters. Enraptured by the tantalizing synthesis of Greek intellectuality and unbridled bohemianism, Jews abandoned the synagogue and study halls, adopted Greek names, dressed up in Greek tunics, flocked to Greek theaters, bathed in Greek spas, and drank alongside the "enlightened" foreigners in their pornographic pubs....

...Mattityahu and his five sons rose up like lions against the enemies of Israel and G-d. When the Greek governor sent an officer to erect an altar in Modiin and force the Jews to sacrifice upon it, Mattityahu rushed forward to slay him. The "Book of the Maccabees" relates:

"Thus he showed his zeal for the Torah, as Pinchas had done toward Zimri, son of Salu. Then Mattityahu cried out in a loud voice in the town, saying, "Let everyone who is zealous for the Torah and who guards the Brit [covenant - sexual purity], follow me!"

In Mattityahu's very first cry to battle lies the secret of Hanukah.... As Kohen Gadol [High Priest], he was entrusted with guarding the sexual purity of the nation, as it says regarding the Kohanim [Priests], "For they have observed Your word and guarded your Brit" (Devarim, 33:10). Zealousness for the Torah and guarding the Brit go hand in hand. Thus Mattityahu's cry to war was, "Let everyone who is zealous for the Torah and who guards the Brit, follow me!"

The Zohar teaches that as long as Israel is free from sexual transgression no rival nation can rule over them. "Rabbi Elazar said, As long as men remain attached to the Brit and do not loose their sovereignty over it, there is no nation nor language in the world that can do them harm" (Zohar, Bereshit 66b).

This was the secret weapon of the Macabbees.

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