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Chizuk: Drowning
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By Westlake, Jason

I was enjoying a glorious bright sunny day
Strolling along a nice tropical beach
I was taking in nature's beauty and relaxing my mind
When, WHAM! A wave hit me and knocked me right down

I felt a tugging sensation as I slowly came to
While the undertow was dragging me straight out to sea
Irritated and determined, I quickly got up
Right as another wave came and knocked me back down

So I decided to fight even harder than before
Only to be beaten and battered quite a bit more
I realized the ocean was winning an unfair fight
A fight I didn't want, a fight I didn't start

I pleaded and begged with my unrelenting foe
What did I ever do to deserve such a chore?
Can I please just return to where I was before
Back on that beautiful faraway shore?

The ocean, not caring, went in for the kill
And I slowly, but surely, lost all my will
I began to tread water, hoping not to drown
And I noticed people relaxing on that faraway shore

I flailed my arms, I hoped they would notice
But my faith soon left me as time quickly passed by
Why can't they see me? Why don't they help?
Do I not matter? Is my predicament unreal?

I continued to struggle in quiet desperation
Knowing I had no way back to the beach
Why had I been given such unbeatable problems?
So hard and unfair, so difficult to bear

When I could not possibly take any more
Something brushed my leg and wrapped around tight
Slimy seaweed was enjoying its prey
Clamped on like handcuffs, latched on like a noose

The seawater trickled into my unwilling nose
Invading my lungs as I slowly sank down
I tasted the salt, and I angrily thought
Who could design such a cruel series of events?

My body went limp, and my mind went numb
I closed my eyes and gave up in defeat
I sent out one last plea before I would die
Lord, please save me, you're the only One left

Something then brushed my leg once again
I said, "Thanks a lot, more kelp like before"
But this time I felt a lifting sensation
I was bewildered and shocked, and I shot a glance down

A gliding dolphin had come to save me from death
And it carried me all the way back to the shore
Holding on for dear life was all I could do
But He asked no more, and it was enough

Even though my life can seem overwhelming at times
And I might not be ready for those giant pounding waves
I may not even see any possible way out
Yet a divine hand is still there, steady and sure

Always pulling me through when I'm at my wit's end
He finds the way when it seems I do nothing
And all that He fairly asks in return
Is for all that I can do, and He'll do the rest.

Thank you, Duvid Chaim!
By Shimi

I would like to thank you, Duvid Chaim, for all the support, and for being my sponsor for the 12 Steps. Since I have been with your Group Call, I want to express my appreciation for the most amazing group of men, from all walks of life; Chasidish, Litvish, Modern Orthodox, FFBs or BTs - You United us all. All of us silent sufferers thought we were alone and had no way out. But you showed us the light. You made it possible to find recovery and to realize that we can attain the "freedom" from the disease. You gave us clarity and conviction. I saw how people that joined the Group continued to return to the Call. These were people who shared my difficulties and who I can identify with.

Together, we read and we shmoozed and everyone added something to the Group. And even though we did not agree all the time, there was respect and we were able to work on ourselves. Yasher Koach to all the Talmidim!

For me to have been in the Program made my Elul so much more meaningful along with my Tefilot. It was clear to me that my goal was to make Hashem the King. I was able to surrender my will to Him, to listen, to learn, and to love Him like I was never able to do before.

Duvid Chaim, you were able to bring out things in me I never tapped into before - the deep emotions - the feelings - the enlightenment, and most of all, the joy in my life.

Thank you Hashem for letting me get to know Duvid Chaim. Me'omek halev I say, Hashem should give you the Koach to continue all your avodah and bring out the most from all your talmidim and future talmidim.

Member's Chizuk
Never Get Complacent
By Steve

Even though I have 3 years of SA sobriety, the lust struggles come and go in cycles, and never go away completely...

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Daily Dose of Dov
Hi G-d!
By Dov

I have a friend who taught me to make it habitual to say "Hi" to Hashem when I get into my car - you know, the way we tend to have a ritual flicking on of the radio? Well, instead of that, flick on REALITY and just say "Hi G-d"....

(He didn't know he was "teaching" this to anyone, but when we share in the groups, we never know who's gonna pick it up and run with it... Feel free to run with this one if you'd like! :-)

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